Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace … Those classic places are known to the public.  

In this article, we propose to discover the most unusual things and places in

London that doesn’t necessarily stand out.

1- The Little Ben

Unusual things and places in London: Little Ben

Everybody knows Big Ben, which is one of the most famous clocks in the world. But did you know that it has a little sister named Little Ben? Located near Victoria Station, it welcomes the French off the train when they come in contact with the English world. The special feature of this clock is that it is constantly in the summer time, so it gives the French hour in winter and BST in summer.

2- The Speakers’ Corner

Unusual things and places in London: Speakers Corner

The Speakers’ Corner is where everyone can speak freely in front of the people present at that time. This place dates from the nineteenth century, at the request of the people who wanted to conduct free discussions.

3- The Banksy Tunnel

Unusual things and places in London: Banksy Tunnel

The tunnel Banksy is close to Waterloo Station. 300 meters long, the tunnel serves as the canvas for amateur and confirmed graffiti artists. The Street Art ambiance guarantees a complete disconnection with the classic London.

4- The Clown Mass

Unusual things and places in London: The Clown Mass

Three times a year, in the Holy Trinity Church (Great Portland), a mass is held in memory of Joseph Grimaldi, famous clown died in 1837. His red nose fellows attend to this tribute in their finest costume of mime. Attend also to this strange ceremony!

5- Secret Cinema

Unusual things and places in London: Secret Cinema

This is a community of enthusiasts of the Seventh Art, which meets “in secret” once a month to watch a movie. In order to participate, you must subscribe to a newsletter that will inform you of the date and the title of the movie. You will be informed of the location of the meeting only 48 hours before the broadcast because the address changes each time.

6- The Roof Garden

Unusual thing and places in London: The Roof Garden

This garden with the 30m high in the heart of London is waiting for you to make you enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of the English capital. Please note that barbecues can be arranged for £ 60 per person during jazz concerts.

7- The Hunterian Museum

Unusual things and places in London: The Huntarian Museum

Located in the Royal Academy of Surgeons, the museum is a cabinet of curiosities which displays gruesome skeletons, jars of strange content, and surgical tools collected by Dr. John Hunter in the eighteenth century.

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