Thinking about having a romantic getaway in Europe with your lover? Well, you should! Europe is filled with romantic getaways that will make you feel like you’re in a movie. Romantic walks, fabulous restaurants, evenings for lovers, unforgettable moments to cherish forever. These and too many other marvelous keepsakes and moments to experience once you make up your mind to visit one of these gorgeous romantic getaways in Europe. In this article, we walk you through a selection of the top 9 romantic getaways in Europe.


1. Florence, Italy

Florence - Top romantic getaways in europe

The stunning city was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982. The city is quite a living piece of art,  your loved ones and you will have plenty of things to see while having a delicious gelato.


02. Sintra, Portugal

Sintra - Top romantic getaways in europe

Once again, Sintra makes it in our top. This city is a jewel set between the mountains and the sea, waiting to be discovered. Sintra exudes a romantic aura that had left a deep impression on the romantic writers of the 18th century. You’ll experience it yourself once you get there.

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03. Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque terre - Top romantic getaways in europe

The Cinque Terre in Italy occupies the third place in the list of the top 9 romantic getaways in Europe. The Cinque Terre, meaning ‘five lands,’ is a collection of five coastal villages. Each village is built on steep cliffs, clinging to the rocks and overlooking the sea below. Each one of these towns is incredibly beautiful, with an incredible panoramic view. No matter where your look, your loved one and you will be blown away by the view.


04. Venice, Italy

Even though it’s at the fourth rank, Venice hasn’t lost anything of its glory. Still a perfect getaway for couples, there’s just never enough time to see everything Venice has to offer. You can choose to admire the great St. Mark’s Basilica or take a picture at the Ponte di Rialto or simply lie on a gondola alongside your loved one and let yourself be carried along the Canale Grande.


05. Paris, France

Paris - - Top romantic getaways in europe

Well, this city needs no introduction. What can we possibly say about Paris that you already don’t know? Marvelous walks, fantastic restaurants, chic atmosphere… your partner and you will feel like you’re on a honeymoon. Thus,   has not stolen its reputation as one of the top 9 romantic getaways in Europe.


06. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague - Top romantic getaways in europe

Since the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1990, Prague has quickly become one of Europe’s most touristic cities, filled with tourists from around the world. But it’s inevitable charm, Prague should definitely be on your romantic getaway city list. You should, however, visit it in winter when it is less crowded, and the architecture is just absolutely stunning when covered in snow. Truly magical!


07. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam - Top romantic getaways in europe

Last and not least in the list of the top 9 romantic getaways in Europe is Amsterdam, Netherlands. As the French man-of-letters, Montesquieu said when he passed through in 1729: “I prefer Amsterdam to Venice, for in Amsterdam you have water without being deprived of land.” Instead of gondolas, you can hop on a bike with your loved one and ride alongside the canal and get lost in the wonderful streets of Amsterdam. Word of advice: don’t take your lover to the red light district!

Where to stay:

Amsterdam is known worldwide for its wonderful hotels with pretty affordable prices, once there you will surely be spoilt for choice as to the one to opt for!