Most Astonishing Facts About Netherlands


Do you ever intend to visit or live in Netherlands any soon? How well do you know the Dutch, their customs and culture? Through this article, we present you some of the most astonishing facts about Netherlands. 

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1- the Dutch are the tallest people in the world: Recent researches have shown that on average Dutch men stand almost 184 centimeters, and its women 170 centimeters. Such statistics make Dutch people the tallest population in the world up to date. Scientists claim that is due to their diet which is quite heavy on dairy products and meat.

2- Make it a Heineken: Europe’s largest brewing company Heineken is sold in over 170 countries around the world it’s among the wealthiest beer producers on the planet coming in at number three as of 2014.the company was founded in Netherlands by a man named Here Odd Heineken in 1841 in his home country. Heineken owns well over fifty percent of the Dutch beer market and is among one of the largest alcohol exporter’s to the US other countries.


Most Astonishing Facts About Netherlands


3- Almost every Dutch person speaks multiple languages: This is undoubtedly one of the most astonishing facts about Netherlands. With almost 90 % of the population speaking basic or fluent English, Dutch usually know at least two languages since both German and French are being taught in school. In general, 40% of the Dutch are able to speak a total of three languages or more.

4- The Netherlands is home to more bikes than people: Yes, this is surprisingly true. While the overall population number roughly 17 million people, there are even more bicycles counting over 18 millions of which more of ninety percent are actually being used regularly.


Most Astonishing Facts About Netherlands


5- Over 70% of the world’s Bacon comes from the Netherlands. 


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6-  midwives: around thirty percent of all Dutch births occur at home as a direct result of a large established network of certified midwives. It goes without question that Netherlands is the most densely populated European country with roughly 487 inhabitants per square kilometer. 

7- An entire province is made from land reclaimed from the sea: Flevoland became a province in 1986 and is largely made of land reclaimed from the Zuiderzee in the 20th century. Thus, this fact is worthy of being mentioned as one of the most astonishing facts about Netherlands.


Most Astonishing Facts About Netherlands

8- The Dutch invented CD’s: in 1979, Philips, a major Dutch company, invented the CD in their headquarters in Eindhoven. They also developed cassette tapes and popularized many home electronics items in Europe, such as TVs and blenders.

9- Flood Insurance: the Netherlands has a unique geographical position in Europe. It’s located between both Belgium and Germany, bordering the north sea. Because of the high probability of the country to be flooded, they have become expert in keeping the water level at bay.

10- The Dutch eat the most licorice in the world: Last and not least fact on our list of the top 10 most astonishing facts about Netherlands is about the licorices. Some 32 million kilos of the black sweet are consumed each year.