How do you imagine the most idyllic place in the world? It could look like an island … an island full of intriguing colors and shapes, bathed in crystal clear waters, with endless white sand beaches and golden sunsets. But what are the most unusual islands? Difficult to answer, pretty difficult indeed! We will nonetheless try to answer this question by exploring through this article the most peculiar islands in the world.


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1- The Archipelago of Tristan Da Cunha

The most Peculiar islands in the world - The Archipelago of Tristan Da Cunha

It is essentially composed of three islands, and only one of them is inhabited. It’s called Tristan Da Cunha which makes sense since the archipelago took the name of the only inhabited island! Imagine that this island is simply the most isolated inhabited island in the world. The 267 inhabitants who live there are practically left to their own devices. The nearest land to it is St. Helena, which is located at 2500 KMs away, and the nearest continent: Africa is situated at more than 2800 KMs away. The best is yet to come as to the most peculiar island in the world.


2- Bishop Rock

The most Peculiar islands in the world - Bishop Rock

It is not possible to find the smallest island in the world, simply because with the marshes and currents, every day small islands are created and others disappear. On the other hand, it is possible to know which is the smallest inhabited island. And this record belongs to a too tiny island called Bishop Rock. It is about 45 KMs from the southwestern tip of the united kingdom and is barely 100 square meters in area. And in the 19th century, a lighthouse of 49 meters high was built there.


3- Poveglia

The most Peculiar islands in the world - Poveglia

The island of Poveglia in Venice is without contest a very peculiar islands for it is abandoned for more than 40 years and it is simply considered one of the most haunted islands of the planet. One could find many different stories on the internet and it is very difficult to discern the true from the false. For example’s sake, it has been said that during the great epidemics of black pests, that had wreaked havoc in Europe, more than 160,000 people died on the island. The island is now abandoned and it is forbidden to access it.



4- North Sentinel Island


5- Christmas Island

The most Peculiar islands in the world- Christmas Island

Christmas Island is an Australian island, every year during the rainy season, millions of small red crabs leave their territories to go to lay on the beach. It’s awfully impressive.