Greece has over 9000 islands, the largest one is the Crete and the most visited are in the Cyclades. There are also the islands of Thrace, the Hellespont, the Northern Sporades, Euboea, the Eastern Aegean coastal islands off Greece and the Dodecanese. Find out through this article the travel guide of the most beautiful Greek islands.

I- The Cyclades Islands

The Cyclades Island in Greece

An archipelago of 56 islands (24 of them are inhabited) in the Aegean. They are called the Cyclades (cyclos in Greek) because they form a circle approximately 300 km around Delos, the sacred island where Apollo was born. The Cyclades are located on 2,500 km2 and is populated by 100,000 inhabitants.

1- Amorgos

Located on the southern row, Amorgos is the most oriental of the Cycladic islands but also a more user-friendly for those interested in its villages. It is ideal for hiking and the natural scenery of the Grand Bleu. There are many ruins and architecture, particularly religious architecture: the Naves’ churches.

2- Folegandros

Folegandros Island in Greece

True rock rising from the sea, this island between Milos and Ios, fragrant thyme all summer, and releases both tenderness and strength. It can also be green and flowery spring. One of the most authentic islands in the Cyclades. A real piece of Greece. Visit the Church of the Panagia and the beautiful prehistoric cave.

3- Kea (Tzia)

Kea Island in Greece

Near Athens, it is the northernmost island of the Cyclades where Athenians are gathered. The small port of Korissia welcomes you in the calm and serenity. Very nice stone mills.

4- Kythnos

Kythnos Island in Greece

Kythnos is famous for its splendid beaches. Visit Mérichas, its fishing port, Loutrá known for its warm waters sulfur and iron, Driopida, an amazing town cut in two by a valley and the church of KANALA placed in the middle of a pine forest. Kythnos is a part of the western row of Cyclades and has an area of 99 km2.

5- Milos

Milos Island in Greece

The great volcanic island is almost round, its bay houses its port. It is on this island that was discovered the famous Venus de Milo, but these are usually the caves and strange rock formations and beautiful beaches that remain etched in the memory of visitors. The outer coast of the island full of flowers landscape, marbles or spectacular desert expanses.
6- MykonosMykonos Island in Greece

Mykonos comes in the sixth position as to the best Greek islands. Probably the most tourist island, and most Babel, Mykonos, which owes its name to MUCON – the poor and in Phoenician, is distinguished by its narrow, white streets where often only donkeys can circulate.

7- Naxos

Naxos Island in Greece

There is no coincidence that Zeus grew up on this island as if it offers contrasting landscapes dotted with pretty villages with medieval towers and bordered by a variety of beaches, it is also the largest and richest island of the Cyclades. Some very beautiful ruins for archeology since there is a temple of Apollo (Portara) and the two unfinished Kouros, Apollonas and Melanes.

8- Paros

Paros Island in Greece

Paros is an island, but it is mainly a small town built on the very spot where the ancient city of Paros was. Picture postcard with its photogenic windmill and white houses, Paros is very effervescent. As in many tourist islands, you must move away from the center to enjoy the beauty of the place, its small courtyards bursting with bougainvillea, and houses with blue shutters half closed at a time when the sun beats. Visit the picturesque port of Naoussa and take the opportunity to do some sunbathing on its beautiful sandy beaches.

9- Santorini (Thira)

Santorin Island in Greece

Unforgettable, as its subset that it’s red hue rocks, ocher and gray, like white houses with terraces suspended above the sea, but as this little touch of melancholy that gives off black beaches volcanic. Do not miss Oia, one of the beautiful places in the world!

10- Serifos

Serifos Island in Greece

In the tenth place, we find Serifos as of the most stunning Greek islands. An unspoiled island with many coves with crystalline waters. Chora, the capital, welcomes you with its white houses on a mountainside. Everywhere the wind blows and red earth roads replace. The sérifotes are authentic Art and welcoming. If you want to isolate yourself from the tourism Serifos is your island!

11- Sifnos

Sifnos Island in Greece

A Land of Artists Inspired by the architecture of the place and the sensuality that emanates from this island still little known. You will make wonderful walks and sunrises fans will have their accounts in Appolonia. The main port is Kamares and is located on the west coast of the island. The Monastery Prophet Elias situated at the top of the island is one of the 6 monasteries in the Aegean. It dates from the Byzantine period. The population of Sifnos is about 2000 inhabitants and the island has an area of 74 km2.

12- Syros

Syros Island in Greece

The original is a Catholic Cycladic island. Different from its neighbors if only by its neoclassical architecture, it still attracts a few tourists preferring postal cards islands. Nevertheless, Syros pleases its followers for its authenticity, but also for its many beautiful gardens planted with plane trees and fruit trees. Here we take the time to live more than anywhere else. A holistic center settled there, with many very meditative activities.

13- Tinos

Tinos Island in Greece

Aside from 15 August, where thousands of pilgrims kneeling forward on the avenue to reach the church decorated with a multitude of votive offerings representing body parts of the faithful that the Virgin has cured, Tinos has an austere image that pushes some tourists. Its villages are adorned with marble jewels of the country, its people have kept an astonishing authenticity, and the island abounds with artists coming second homes find peace and inspiration. Thus, Tinos has not stolen its reputation as one of the most beautiful Greek islands.

Crete Island in Greece

The Crete is the rebel island of the Greeks. It is the largest island in Greece, bathed in the north by the Cretan Sea and south by the Libyan Sea. It is a mountainous island at 2456 m at Mount Psiloritis. His landscapes are characterized by alternating plateaus, plains, gorges, and mountains. Dominated for 2000 years by the Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Venetians, and Turks, the Greeks Cretans became a strong character. This does not prevent, far from it, to be an extremely hospitable people.


Although the Cyclades are the most famous of the Greek Islands, there are other islands that deserve to be seeing. The most known ones are Dodecanese, Saroniques,  and Ioniennes.