Do you dream of lush landscapes, beautiful fall foliage, maple syrup on tap and ski trails on your doorstep? If the answer’s yes, fantasize no longer: the following cities have pledged to pay you to live on their turfs!


alaska. Cities That Pay To Move There 2019

Take it for granted! the northernmost state has judged wise to share the wealth from its oil money since 1976 when the Permanent Fund Dividend was established to divide 25% of its oil revenues each year among its permanent residents. You must live in Alaska for at least a year, be present in the state for at least 190 days in a calendar year, and not be a convicted felon in order to get your cut, which averages around $1,200 a head but has been as high as $3,269 in 2008.

Utrecht, Netherlands

Utrecht. Cities That Pay To Move There 2019

The Netherlands is known all over the world for its deep commitment to the humanitarian sciences and social experiences. Here is one of them: The residents of the Dutch city of Utrecht took part in a unique social experiment, in which they received a regular wage for doing absolutely nothing. The paychecks range from $1300 a month for a single adult to $1880 for a family. Quite interesting as an experiment!

New Haven, Connecticut

Connecticut. Cities That Pay To Move There 2019

The New England city offers up to $80,000 in incentives for new homeowners, including $10,000 interest-free to use as a down payment on a new home or to cover your closing costs on a house. It’s also offering up to $30,000 toward home renovations and energy-saving upgrades, and $40,000 for college tuition. Plus, city employees, teachers, firefighters, police officers and military members get an extra $2,500 on top of that. And once you’re settled in, the city also guarantees free in-state college tuition to students graduating from New Haven public schools. Your income can’t exceed 120% of the city’s median family income, but they’ve got a calculator to figure out where you stand.

Ponga, Spain

spain ponga

This attractive and cozy village in the northwest of Spain is one of the most ancient in the country. To attract young people and revive the local economy, the government decided to propose 3,000 euros to all couples who come to settle down there. In addition, there is an allowance of 3,000 euros also for each baby born there. It is a good option to live in an ecological and incredibly nice place.