Are you a fanatic about adrenaline rush and dread? Do you fancy about experiencing thrilling and terrifying moments just like in a horror movie? Get ready for your horror’s night then! The Best Halloween destinations in Europe. Every year, 31st October thousands of people around the world celebrate Halloween. Houses, pubs, restaurants, and shops all over the world beautify their facades with black and orange colors. However, a question that comes to mind quite often: what’s Halloween?

Halloween or Hallowe’en (a contraction of All Hallows’ Evening) is a mystery and an intrigue with special beliefs, customs and accessories that have been passed down numerous generations up to our current days.

Contrary to what we may believe, Halloween origins don’t date back to the united states but it does have its origins in the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain. Plenty of places considered as the best Halloween destinations in Europe celebrates this event as it should be. For fans of pumpkins, ghosts, stakes twitches and of disguises,  they surely will be spoilt for choice! Through this article, we will walk you through the best Halloween destinations in Europe.


Transylvania is undoubtedly a must-visit destination when it comes to Halloween festivities. The city is principally known for Dracula’s castle.  The castle is famous for its connections to Vlad the Impaler, a real-life prince who stayed there in the 15th century and had a cruel habit takes to impale his victims. A lot of tourists all over the world visit Romania every year to see Dracula’s castle and, just experience the whole Dracula stuff.



The England capital has alway been crazy about festivities and activities related to Halloween and its peculiar customs.As a matter of fact, London has got one of the best horror museums ever around the world. Besides, Special events like Jack The Ripper Tour, in which the principal character of Halloween “Jack O’lantern” roams the streets along with witches, ghosts and zombies, take place.

Where to stay :

While you are setting out on your “spooky journey”, you may want to talk a little break and change the whole scenery. Two birds with one stone! Thus, you can walk around the vicinity and even consider staying over for one night or a couple of nights. There is a bunch of wonderful hotels in London.


The capital of Netherlands could not be less crazy than London as to the programs and activities scheduled for Halloween. Amsterdam Halloween Festival and Halloween Costume party are a tiny sample of the excitement and the passion that this charming European city has in store for such an event. Thus, we can confirm that the city has not stolen its reputation as one of the best Halloween destinations in Europe.



Prague is actually a wonderful place to spend an unforgivable Halloween’s night. While walking down the streets, you may bump into ghosts, zombies and especially our friend Jack! Besides, a lot of people get dressed especially for Halloween parties in metros, at bars, pubs, and restaurants.  It’s quite festive over there and this is why we highly recommend it as one of the best Halloween destinations in Europe.



Since we are referring to the best Halloween destinations in Europe, it’s unthinkable to put together such a list without mentioning Edinburgh.  Edinburgh is actually known as one of the scariest cities around the world and there are a lot of organized events on for Halloween.  A lot of people either locals or tourists visit the city to celebrate this occasion. Hence, it’s advisable to book early if you ever intend to be part of those festivities.

Here are a few traditions related to Halloween festivities that take place in Edinburgh :
Fancy Dress, Bobbing for Apples, Trick-or-treating, Halloween parties, Telling Ghost stories or Watching Horror Films…
edinburgh - Best Halloween destinations in europe


Halloween is catching more and more on in Venice especially among the youth.Moreover, plenty of pubs, restaurants, and hotels organize spooky and macabre parties with Ghosts, Witches, monsters, and Zombies to make the whole night just original and unforgivable.
Venice - best halloween destinations in europe


Like Venice, Budapest is becoming more and more Halloweeny. As a matter of fact, numerous festivities have seen the light during the last few years to celebrate this remarkable event. Halloween Lanter festival on Heroes’Square, Halloween at the Budapest Zoo and Halloween Lantern Festival on Vorosmarty Square to name few. Along with festivities and cultural events, a lot of parties of all kinds take place in the most trendy pubs, bars, and hotels of Budapest. So you may want to book beforehand to avoid answers like “Sorry no vacancies available”!

Budapest -best halloween destinations in europe


Last but not the least place in the list of the best Halloween destinations in Europe that we’ve been suggesting to you is the cultural capital of Spain: Barcelona. Have you ever wanted to be in the middle of a Street riddled with witches, zombies, mummies, and ghosts with rather a spooky atmosphere just like in the wonderful song of Micheal Jackson “Thriller ” the best-selling album of all time “? Well, you have knocked on the right door! Barcelona is known worldwide for its unique and awesome customs for the Halloween’s night.One of the best things to do to pass this ghostly day in Barcelona is preparing the “La Castaneda”.
barcelona - Best Halloween destinations in europe


Best Halloween destinations in Europe