Summer is here, Affordable Beaches in europe you'll love

The beach is filled with the sun, sand, and warm water, so it is no wonder that many people would love to set their home up steps away from one to affordable beaches. However, living near the beach can be a costly endeavor, which is why most people find themselves traveling great distances to get some time relaxing in the sand. That may all change though since Europe has some amazing affordable beaches in cities that are as cheap as they are spectacular.

Here are 3 of the most affordable beach cities in Europe:

1. Split, Croatia


Wonderful view of the Hotels in the beach from the south side of the city


Panoramic view of Split beach in Croatia

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Split is a quaint little beach town on the Adriatic Sea and while it is popular with tourists, the locals find themselves alone from the months of October through late April. The fantastic Mediterranean climate combines with a rich history that the friendly locals love to share. Most people will find that they can rent a place in the center of the city for less than $400 a month and food and drink prices are just as reasonable near affordable beaches. Not too bad for a place where people can lie on the beach all day long.

2. Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain [Most affordable beaches]

las palmas beach in spain affordables beaches

It may cost a small fortune to visit Las Palmas in Spain, but the cost of living there is more affordable. A one bedroom oceanfront place is approximate $500 per month and a three bedroom are even more reasonable at $700. Anyone who lives in Las Palmas will quickly find themselves adjusting to the city life that intermingles with the sand on the affordable beaches.

Magical night view of las palmas beach affordables beaches

Magical night view of las palmas beach

You can check Carnival in las palmas, it is organized a bit early, in February but it’s a great thing to be in there is colorful clothes, themed walk with dancers … short story it’s a public dance festival.

Carnival in las palmas spain affordables beaches

las palmas de gran Canaria in a carnival of las palmas

3. Abruzzo, Italy

abruzzo, italy beaches affordables beaches

Beaches and wine, who could possibly ask for anything more! Abruzzo is a secret that should never be shared as there is not a lot of people there and there are no huge industrial businesses located there either. Instead, the beaches are surrounded by vineyards, castles, and old-time villages that were built with stone but even all of this they are considered as affordable beaches. Every day brings a new adventure whether at the open-air market, in one of the fabulous wineries, or right there on the sand next to the turquoise blue sea.

Hotels and cafeterias around Abruzzo beach in Italy 


These three beaches cities are quite affordable and yet they have filled with fun and adventures that everyone will love. Anyone who wants to live near the water will want to scope these areas out as well as some of the other beach cities that are located in Europe. A person never knows where their dream home will be located and there could be worse spots than a few feet away from an amazing beach.

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