The news about Ryan air foreseeing a future when it will offer highly-discounted trans-Atlantic flights is the finest one this year. Currently, Ryanair is the most established budget carrier in the entire commercial air carriers of Europe. It has already gone to the negotiating table with manufacturers for the proposed long-haul fleet; that will most likely be provided by Boeing and Airbus.

Ryanair looks forward to cheap flights that connect Europe and about 14 American cities. “We’re responding to the consumer’s major need for cheaper flights to and from both sides of the Atlantic“, the company’s head of communications was recently quoted.

Ryanair flights US to Europe

Its plan is to reduce air charges for flying between the two destinations by close to 50% in a bid to quench the consumers’ growing thirst for traveling; the majority of them are tourists. While the news sounds to be too good to be true, Ryan Air has assured us that its plan is really conceivable considering the fact that this route is pretty flooded with travelers. The likelihood that their dream will come to pass is high.

Ryan Air makes much of its profit from different approaches other than ticket fare. Their crew members are trained to make profits for the company by proving in-flight services, such as hawking everything from cell phone minutes, lottery tickets, jewelry, sandwiches, and sodas.

Ryanair is popular for its customer system where they provide the ticket but let the buyers pay for taxes and fees, it makes much of its profits from fees and other charges like mandatory travel insurance, privileges of using telephone or ticket counter and credit card processing. They claim to be carrying 65 million customers every year to 145 cities, if that’s the case then they beat their very close competitor, Aer Lingus by a wide margin.