Have you ever seen a midnight sun? i already guess your answer, by the way neither do i! all the same, here is what it looks like.

midnight sun natural phenomenon

in case it does not ring any bells to you, the midnight sun is a natural phenomenon that happens during the summertime. Basically, the sun doesn’t completely set near the North Pole from about late May until July.

the midnight sun phenomena, also known as the polar day, where the sun is fully visible day and night. It occurs in some parts north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle. During this time, the sun remains visible at local midnight. Midnight sun can last for days to several months, where days and nights are alike.


  1. Abisko, Sweden

Abisko, Sweden

While Swedish Lapland is renowned for being an amazing place to see the Northern Lights, summer up here is definitely underrated. With snowcapped mountains, pristine lakes and sweet-smelling pine forests, enjoy hiking, horseback riding and bear spotting under the midnight sun in Abisko.

2. Lofoten Islands, Norway

Lofoten Islands, Norway

With steep mountain peaks and cute fishing villages that seem to float on crystal-blue waters, the Lofoten Islands look like something straight out of a postcard. You’ll catch the orange midnight sun here through lots of dramatic cloud coverage.

3. St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg has become famous for its long, white, summer nights. With sunsets happening after 11pm, make sure you catch some late-night ballet and opera performances – which start after midnight! – and hang around for Scarlet Sails; the city’s giant summer street party.

4. North Cape, Norway

North Cape, Norway

Where better to watch the midnight sun than the north-most point of Europe? The North Cape – or Nordkapp in Norwegian – is the name of the coastal area that meets the Barents Sea. Located about 200km from Hammerfest, it’s easy to day trip up here for some killer midnight sun vistas.

5.  Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland

Even though this Finnish capital is located in the south of the country, Helsinki still enjoys incredibly long summer days. With so many music and folkloric festivals throughout the season, grab a beer and some friends, and enjoy a 10:30pm sunset by the harbour.