As a potential customer, you don’t necessarily know the value of such and such a product or service at first sight. Thus, you may stay skeptical and even reluctant as to its utility and value.

One of the best methods to overcome that and prove the usefulness of your services is to get your happy customers to do some talking about their experience with your company. Through this article, we will be mentioned with an even hand the testimonial of an eminent psychologist who once was looking for a hotel to relax and vent out and bumped into The Tourist Hotel Luzern in Switzerland.

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Tourist Hotel Luzern In Switzerland

Nine long months of working around the clock, serving patients a day in day out left my body exhausted and in need of a major rest. Being a psychologist can be a daunting career that needs passion as you get to listen to people’s problems and help find solutions. After all that time, I needed a well-deserved break to relax, vent out and enjoy myself. It was during my relentless research on the internet for a destination that I landed on this rather eccentric Einstein Hotel Luzern in Switzerland. So I booked myself a plane ticket and a single room at the hotel ready to embark on my week-long holiday with brim filled enthusiasm.

The magnificent hotel is located in the amazing historical side of Lucerne, with a profound view of the Mount Pilatus. I arrived in the late afternoon at around five and was gratefully received by one the hotel’s hospitable and courteous staff. I was shown to my room which was just glorious.

Quality furniture, well-selected décor that rhymed with the color scheme of the room and to top it all the spectacular view from the balcony was nothing less than breath-taking. From the flamboyance of the room, I knew that every penny I would pay was worth it. I got to know that they also have, double rooms, 3-4 bedrooms and other large ones for families. The rooms have awesome facilities like Wi-Fi, wardrobes, lofts, desks and baby beds for those with infants. Next time I will have to bring along my family and friends for sure.

Tourist Hotel Luzern In Switzerland
The hotel is built using the state of the art architectural designs making it a site to behold. Every aspect of it was just awe-inspiring. The colors and decorations used filled the place with much warmth keeping the visitors as comfortable as possible. The beauty is unique to the hotel, never seen it in any of the hotels I have been to in the past.

Relaxation remaining as my main focus for my short holiday, I sought for the best relaxation activities that would keep me engaged. I was given a list of a number of special offers they had which to most like me would find it rather hard to choose from. There was the package Golden Round trip which consisted of a one night in a room with a private shower, an amazing breakfast buffet with an array of delicacies. For those who enjoy boat rides then boat riding on the Lake Lucerne will be one experience that you wouldn’t want to forgo.

I loved the ride as I got to have a spectacular view of the mountain and breathed fresh and natural air.Having an adventurous spirit also made me take on the Sapphire package, which was all about experiencing luxury and elegance on the panoramic yacht by the name SAPPHIRE. The cruise went on for an hour on the lake Lucerne. For a more enjoyable time, there is an audio guide that is available in 11 languages. This is to ensure every tourist enjoys that period no matter their origin.

To get the best rates and be able to save some money at Tourist Hotel Luzern, discounts are also offered to people who book via e-mail, via phone or directly on their website. You can also enjoy the discounts if you are a card holder of Swiss card, Swiss pass, InterRail Pass and a couple of others specified on their website. By the time I left the Tourist Hotel Luzern in Switzerland, I was a new person, so relaxed, ecstatic and ready to go back to my demanding routine with much vigor. I speak from experience and from a point that lacks bias and can assure every individual looking to experience a luxurious time and get worth for their money to book themselves a room in this high-end tourist hotel. I will be going back very soon to have another experience of their amazing room services, the panoramic views and get a cruise on the SAPPHIRE yacht.