If you’re an adventure traveler looking for a bit of thrill, we concocted for you a fascinating panoply of the top 9 adventurous destinations in Europe. Whether you’re considering going on a summer hiking vacation or a winter ski trip over one of the adventurous European destinations, through this article, we will tag along with you in order to discover the top adventurous destinations in Europe.

The Berchtesgaden Alps, Germany

Berchtesgaden Alps - Top adventurous destinations in Europe

The First place in our list of the top 9 adventurous destinations in Europe isThe Berchtesgaden Alps in Germany. As one traveler puts it, Berchtesgaden is “a hiker’s paradise in the Bavarian Alps.” This mountainous region on the German-Austrian border is full of trails for all levels, the best of which is Königssee, a stunning glacial lake set between towering mountains.

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Iceland - Top adventurous destinations in Europe

We choose not to specify a particular region since the whole country is full of wonders that are definitely worth seeing.

Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken - Top adventurous destinations in Europe

There are plenty of things to do in Interlaken: from extreme sports that involve throwing yourself out of a plane or rolling down a hill in a giant ball to quieter activities such as mountain treks and steamer cruises. However, the climbing can be breathtaking.

Tarifa, Spain

Tarifa - Top adventurous destinations in Europe

If you’re wondering what Tarifa is famous of, well the answer my friend is blowing in the wind. the sunny beach town on the Strait of Gibraltar is known throughout Spain for one thing: its strong winds. In addition to its golden beaches and dolphin-filled turquoise waters, Tarifa is a premier international destination for wind and kite surfers.

Grossglockner Alpine Road, Austria

Grossglockner Alpine Road - Top adventurous destinations in Europe

This Alpine Road is without a doubt one of the most stunning drives you’ll ever have in Europe. Named after the highest peak in Austria, the alpine road is for adventurous road-trippers and is open from spring to fall. It is famous for its stunning panoramic views of Austria’s longest glacier, the Pasterze. Thus, Grossglockner Alpine Road has stolen its reputation as one of the top adventurous destinations in Europe.

Madeira, Portugal

Madeira is increasingly becoming a top destination for adventure lovers. It is famous for its world-class surfing, lush interior and gorgeous mountain trails that very often go above the clouds. The most rewarding climb being definitely Arieiro.

Where to stay:

You may want to stay over there or walk around the vicinity “two birds with one stone !” if that’s the case you can head over to the capital Lisbon, which is worldwide known for its stunning culture and historical monuments. Once there, you could find a bunch of gorgeous hotels and resorts.


Cairngorms National Park, Scotland


Cairngorms National Park - Top adventurous destinations in Europe

This is the ideal getaway for adventurous of all ages and is the perfect family trip. The Cairngorms National Park is the largest in Scotland and home to a diversity of land forms ranging from ancient Caledonian pine forest to arctic plateau wilderness. Perfect for long walks and hiking!

The Dolomites, Italy

The Dolomites - Top adventurous destinations in Europe

Now this mountainous region offers everything an adventurous traveler is looking for: amazing hikes, enchanting mountain villages, glaciers and turquoise water lakes. It’s also a world recognized ski and snowboard destination. Since there are so many things to see there, it’s a good idea to prepare a list of things to do ahead.

Mont Blanc, France

Mont Blanc - Top adventurous destinations in Europe

Last and not least in our list of the top 9 adventurous destinations in Europe is Mont Blanc in France. Besides being Europe’s highest peak, Mont Blanc is the top destination for thrill-seekers and experienced adventurers. Apart from climbing the summit, which is quite dangerous, you can choose to explore the actual interior of a glacier, or paragliding through one of the most breathtaking mountain landscapes.