1.  Kunstkamera, St-Petersburg, Russia

Kunstkamera, St-Pétersbourg, Russia - Spookiest Travel Destinations
The first place on our list of the top 8 spookiest travel destinations is The Museum of Kunstkamera in St-Petersburg. This Museum is located in the second city of Russia St. Petersburg. It was created by the Russian Tsar in the early eighteenth century as part of their efforts to modernize the country. The museum is well-known for its amazing collections of curiosities. At the time, the collection of anatomical pieces (deformed fetuses, embalmed human body parts, dissected “monsters”, and even a two-headed calf) aimed at attracting curious minds and anatomical anomalies are simply accidents of biological paths rather than the work of the devil.


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2. The Chapel of Bones in Evora, Portugal

The Chapel of Bones in Evora, Portugal - Spookiest Travel Destinations
This peculiar chapel was built in the Gothic style throughout the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. What makes this chapel that spooky and haunted is the fact that it contains the bones of about 5000 monks and to top it off, there are 2 bodies hanging from the ropes whose one belongs to a child.


3. Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh, Scotland

Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh, Scotland - Spookiest Travel Destinations


Do you have an excessive fear of the disease? If that’s your case, the story of Edinburgh at the time of the plague (seventeenth century) will make you turn pale with fear. The rumor has it that to contain the epidemic, the city decided to wall the regions affected by the plague, leaving the locals to their terrible fate. Now a tourist attraction, Mary King’s Close offers guided tours of one hour every day except Christmas Day.


4. The Abandoned Monument of Buzludzha, Bulgaria

The Abandoned Monument of Buzludzha, Bulgaria - Spookiest Travel Destinations


In the fourth place as to the top 8 spookiest travel destinations, we find The Abandoned Monument of Buzludzha in Bulgaria. From far, it sounds like an abandoned flying saucer sitting on the top of the hill but the Buzludzha monument is an enormous construction built on Bulgaria’s Balkan mountains to mark the site where the Bulgarian Communist party was founded in 1891. It is the old Soviet congress hall which is now abandoned.


5. Pripyat, Ukraine

Pripyat, Ukraine - Spookiest Travel Destinations


Pripyat is a ghost town in northern Ukraine near the border with Belarus. It’s well-known because of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster that occurred in 1986. Pripyat used to house thousands of plant workers with their families who had found themselves one day obliged to evacuate the town after an accident caused a leak of nuclear radiation. Now, Pripyat remains a ghost town, quite empty except some guided tours either private group are organized every now and then.


6. Craco, Italy

Craco, Italy - Spookiest Travel Destinations


For roughly fifty years, the town of Craco in the south of Italy stood uninhabited. This small Italian hilltop town dates back to about the year 1000. Craco was chiefly abandoned and deserted because of its location for it’s comprised of landslides and sits on a series of unstable slopes.




7. Dadipark – Dadizele, Belgium

Dadipark - Dadizele, Belgium - Spookiest Travel Destinations
Dadipark Park was located in the center of the Belgian town of Dadizele. The primordial reason behind the closure of the park sounds to be a safety issue because a child lost his arm on one of the freaking rides. This small amusement park closed its doors in 2003. the park remains abandoned in 2008 and is now taken over by nature. The attractions age and rot in those now abandoned areas.


8. Witley Court – Worcestershire, England

Witley Court - Worcestershire, England - Spookiest Travel Destinations


Last and not least on the list of the top 8 spookiest travel destinations is Witley Court in Worcestershire in England. A hundred years ago, Witley Court was one of England’s great country houses, for it was an imposing, posh mansion. Witley Court suffered a devastating fire in 1937 from which it never recovered. Once you set foot in the house, you would for sure be impressed by how overwhelming it was. It is pretty difficult not to let your jaw drop a little bit while exploring the house and grounds.