Do you think you must travel to a distant place or even overseas to find warm weather even in November? Well, it’s not necessarily the case! As a matter of fact, the month of November is considered as being the saddest month of the year where thick white layers of clouds cover the landscapes and weeks without sun succeed endlessly. Despite the fact that this statement has got some truth, you should not get discouraged since there are a bunch of destinations all over the world where you can enjoy sun rays and even sunbathe during November. Via this article, we walk you through the top 6 destinations for November sun.


The Island of Mauritius

Mauritius ranks first in our list of the top 6 destinations for November sun. Mauritius is actually a small island with some of the best beaches ever across the whole Europe and it has a very special climate that makes it a very attractive destination especially for the seekers of warmth and sunlight during the rainy season.  The climate of Mauritius has two big seasons (reversed compared to those in Europe). Mauritius is at the heart of the Indian Ocean, therefore the sunshine hours vary only slightly throughout the year, from 5:30 to 19:00 during the January to 6h45-17h45 in June.


Sicily, Italy

Have you never done Sicily in Italy in Autumn? Well, you should, and this as soon as possible! Even though November is the rainy season in Sicily like in any other corner of the Italian territory, and even if most shops do shut down, but you can still have some fun there since historic sites and attractions are still good to visit. One of the unavoidable and must-visit places there is the commune Cefalù. Cefalù is a beach town and its historic center is a tourist attraction that interests and brings more and more tourists to the town every year. One of the best moments to visit the town is during Autumn.

Where to stay

While you are in Sicily, you may want to visit other Italian cities, especially those with the cultural and historical heritage such as Rome. Once there, a lot of hotels and lodging establishments are at your command.


Dubrovnik, Croatia


Surrounded by ramparts and fortifications, Dubrovnik demonstrates an uncommon architectural harmony. Dubrovnik during the rainy season has a relatively mild Mediterranean climate, with temperatures pretty gentle from November to January to wander around the vicinity or even set off on an excursion towards islands alongside the city. Thus, Dubrovnik has not stolen its reputation and does deserve being part of our list of the top 6 destinations for November sun.


Madeira, Portugal


In spite of the fact that the winter season is around the corner, November is still warm and sunny in Madeira. The temperatures from October to December are reasonably warm. Once, there you could have entire weeks of sunshine with practically no rain falls. Funchal’s region is considered as the best place to get the best weather on the island.


Tuscany, Italy


The capital of Tuscany in Italy, Florence symbolizes the Renaissance and is now a tourist destination, very busy during summer as well as Autumn. As a matter of fact, Florence historic sites and tourist attractions are just as crowded in the busy season as in the off-season. Hence, planning ahead of the time for any activity or event you’d intend to carry out once there, would be a great start.The weather in Florence is generally pretty mild through the whole year for it’s located in a valley makes the temperatures differ from the other regions in the vicinity.


Seville, Spain


Last but not least in our list of the top 6 destinations for November sun, we find Seville. In fact, there’s little rain during the month of November in Seville. According to the historical weather data, on average it rains 6 days out of 30 days during the month of November and the daytime maximum temperatures are about 28.5°C.