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Looking for a peaceful retreat in a land far away? the national parks of Europe are just the place. Europe has many beautiful places where everywhere you turn you’ll find spectacular Instagrammable scenery. If you’re tired of the urban rat race, get ready to explore these 5 most beautiful parks.

1 – Lake District National Park, England

Top 5 Most Beautiful National Parks in Europe

On our List, This is the official “most visited” and largest protected park in all of the UK. If you can hike to even the easiest accessible peaks you’ll be afforded a memorable view. The Lake District National Park consists of a total of 16 main lakes, and numerous hills and mountain peaks.

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2 – Saxon Switzerland National Park, Germany

Top 5 Most Beautiful National Parks in Europe

This national park is situated in East Germany along the Czech Republic border. This noteworthy tourist stop includes gorges, deep valleys, table mountains, and chalky sandstone cliffs. There is also the Bastei and the Bastei Bridge. In fact, they are the official “most visited” sections and many people take a day trip from the city of Prague to see them.

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3 – Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, Scotland

Top 5 Most Beautiful National Parks in Europe

This is Scotland’s first national park. This park contains the largest lake in the UK. Those who have been there believed it’s the most beautiful one too. Here you can go canoeing, kayaking, jet skiing and more. Take a stroll and enjoy the scenery and hike the Arrochar Alps and the entire wooded valley.

4 – Ordesa Monte Perdido National Park, Spain

Top 5 Most Beautiful National Parks in Europe

Ensconced in the popular Pyrenees of the Huesca province in Aragon, the impressive Monte Perdido, (in English “Lost Mountain)” rise up more than 11,007 feet high. The valleys are almost 9,843 feet deep. It’s not just the highest summit in Ordesa, it’s the highest in all of Europe. It’s the ideal spot for all hikers to enjoy excellent views of the Bujaruelo Valley.

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5 – Ecrins National Park, France

Top 5 Most Beautiful National Parks in Europe

Out of all 10 of France’s national parks, climbers, hikers, and nature lovers prefer this one for both the scenery and the breath-taking views. Ensconced in the famous French Alps, it includes 60 lakes and more than 100 mountain peaks. In the summer, hikers of all experience levels can trek the nearly 435 miles worth of hiking trails.

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So the parks remain the best places to calm your brain and take a pure area before going back to work again.

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