If you intend to go abroad anytime soon, you should definitely visit Ukraine. So why Ukraine? Well for starters, Ukraine is an absolute bargain compared to other countries. In terms of money, visiting Ukraine would be highly affordable. Gone are the days where you have to spend $400 every night just to stay at a fancy hotel.

If you go to Ukraine, you can stay at a top of the arts hotel for a fraction of the price. Apart from the cost, one other benefit of going to Ukraine is that it is an old country! If you go back as far the Greeks, you’d know that the Greeks had made it as far back as the Crimean Peninsula leaving behind a memorable ruins site. Find out through this article the top 10 best destinations in Ukraine.

1) Poltava:

Poltava Ukraine
Flickr: Buck Hardcastle

This historic building can be found between Kharkiv and Kyiv. It is known for being site of a battle hosted in 1709 between a group of Cossacks and the Swedes fighting against the Russian army defending Czar Peter 1.

2) Sophievka Dendro Park, Uman:

Sofiyivsky Dendro Park, Uman
Flickr: Sergii

This park is the landscape architecture piece of art which is between the end of the 15th century and the beginning of the 19th century. This park had been established in 1796 by a significantly rich Polish magnate in honour of his Greek wife as to which he presented it to her on her birthday on May 1802. The park was created to represent a romantic atmosphere using Greek and Roman mythology.

3) Chernihiv:

Catherine church at night, Chernihiv
Photo Credit: Matvey Andreyev

This remarkable landscape has been a human settlement for well over 2,000 years. This region is known for being an important historic region.

4) Kamyanets – Podilsky:

Kamyanets - Podilsky
Flickr: d1mka vetrov

This region is one of the most oldest cities in Ukraine and is considered to be of huge importance and a phenomenon for great importance culturally speaking. It is a rocky island which serves as a rare pedestal on which more than a thousand years masters have created a miracle in a stone.

5) Yalta:

Yalta, Ukraine
Flickr: Alexxx Malev

This place has steep mountains which serves as a backdrop for the jewel of the Crimean Peninsula. It has a beautiful scenery which cannot be explained. What makes this place so beautiful is the fact that it possesses an atmosphere that is calm and relaxed.

6) Odesa:

Odesa Ukraine

This remarkable place is known as the “Pearl of the Black Sea”. It is the third largest city in Ukraine but is the largest city close to the black sea. Most importantly, Odesa is known for its trading and because of its incredibly warm climate, it boasts over  hundred thousand visitors every year.

7) Lviv, Ukraine:

Lviv, Ukraine
Flickr: Juanedc.com

This little city is known for being poetic. It has been known for being marinaded in legends both ancient and new. The streets within Lviv are carved out of stone and the cities decorations are made out of different types of styles which miraculously is still in its original state.

8) Carpathian Mountains:

Carpathian Mountains
Flickr: Daniela Constantinescu

While Odesa is known for being the Pearl of the Black sea, the Carpathian mountains is considered to be the green pearl of Ukraine. It is one of the most popular resorts in the country because of its stunning scenery. The mountains contain a beautiful mix of natural areas, meadows and humans living side by side in nature.

9) Kyiv:

This is the capital city of Ukraine which boasts over 3 million people who are settled in the Dnieper river. The city had reached its prime in the 11th century where trading routines between the Mediterranean and Baltic’s. The art within the city is absolute world treasures.

10) The Crimean Resorts:

The Crimea is a remarkable place to visit with its extravagant scenery which boasts a beautiful landscape and clear blue sky. Over the last centuries, the Crimea has attracted a lot of settlers including the Greeks and the Genoese. According to the museums and history of Crimea, the Greeks had founded the coasts and inter-married with the local people.

The 10 destinations displayed above are truly remarkable and should definitely be visited when you go to Ukraine. If you’re looking for a good time and a taster in ancient history, Ukraine has the baggage to handle it.