The Most Useful Guide to Travel Hacking

travel hacking

travel hacking

This may seem like quite a given fact or even a postulate, namely, all people sitting in first class are rich. The truth is, nonetheless, completely the opposite, for three people out of five are not but simply smart! If you would like to set out on a travel on a small budget and exploring new areas of the world ring any bells with you, you are then knocking at the right door! Through this article, we provide you with some pretty useful information as to how you hack your way to a flight, your accommodation, and your food too! This travel hacking guide will definitely leave you spellbound.


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How to Hack a Flight

It’s pretty obvious that getting flight tickets is the top priority of people when they intend to travel. Hence, we chose to attack this subject first on our post talking about Travel hacking guide”. Looking for cheap flight tickets is not, however, that simple task nowadays. The good news, though, is that there still is quite a bunch of money-saving tricks that will enable you to get the cheapest flights, such as  “hidden cities” (booking a connecting flight to a less expensive destination and getting off the plane in the connection city), “open-jaw itineraries” (flying home from a different airport than you flew into), and back-to-back ticketing (buying two cheap round trips that included a Saturday night stay to lower the fare).

Recommanded Hotels

Airfarewatchdog is a pretty useful airfare website through which you can have access to the best deals in terms of the cheapest flights in your area. Suppleness is the keyword to finding the best bargains since deals are sometimes around for only hours. A day can mean the difference of hundreds of dollars.


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travel hacking
How to Hack your Accommodation

aside from flights, accommodation is usually the next top travel expenditures. It’s also one of the most important fixed costs people who travel have and bring it down would definitely lead to big savings. Fortunately, getting free or cheap accommodation is quite a piece of cake.

Hotel Deals: A person with a travel hacking mindset should, first of all, check out comparison websites such as Expedia, Travelocity or These ones are good inasmuch as they allow you to do some initial research and compare your options. Once you opt for your hotel that you would like to stay at, visit the hotel’s own website to verify if they are showing the same price as the sites mentioned above. Search for any special bargains or coupon over the hotel’s website. Be careful as to fees and credit card fees. This is not exclusive to the comparison sites, some hotels also charge for this. Check cancellation terms, the hotel amenities as well as modification policies before you proceed with the booking process. Don’t hesitate to haggle, try contacting the hotel to get better prices and eventually some room upgrade.


Stay with locals: Websites such as Couchsurfing, Global Freeloaders, and Hospitality Club would be a good start to spot a local who is happy to host you during your stay. A local will provide you with a neat and cozy place to sleep, and if you get lucky enough, they would be willing to show you around and help you learn a bit about the local culture and customs.


How to Hack Your Food 

Eating local specialties while traveling is like a must, and I just don’t get it when people set out on a trip and still prefer to cook their meals in a hotel or hostel kitchen. Why then come to Italy and not have Pasta? No French bread? Shunning paella in Spain? It just does not make sense at all! And fear not, it is always possible to travel and taste different local food without breaking the bank.

Street food: Very often perceived as the simplest and tastiest fashion to get a local meal. The food is usually being served and cooked over stalls in the open air. Take it from me, Street food is some of the best food in the world!

Lunch Specials: They are often found at restaurants that focus on dinner, and they’re a great way to get a cheaper hearty meal. Thus, Lunch Specials is a pretty good tip when it comes to Travel hacking process.

Happy Hour: In addition to special offers on alcoholic drinks, there are usually specials on starters (appetizers) too.