During my recent vacation, I was both delighted and blessed to stay at the Hotel Le Lapin Blanc in Paris. This posh hotel is every bit as intimate as Paris itself. Nestled safely within the fairy tale Latin Quarter, this enchanting quaint hotel intrigued me with its mystical and magical presence. Donned in white with slight shades of color, the white rabbit fantasy was vividly brought to life.

The Hotel Le Lapin Blanc in Paris - A magnificent Stay in historic Paris centre

I spent day after day touring the romantic city of Paris, died the most exquisite restaurants with the most delightful cuisines, learned much about the history of the city from my tour guides, and embraced the majestic presence of both the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Luxembourg Gardens. When I was not being a tourist I was hidden away in my luxurious surroundings within my quiet hotel room either watching international television, surfing the internet, listening to music of every genre, or sleeping peacefully on the most comfortable king sized bed ever.

The Hotel Le Lapin Blanc in Paris

The Hotel Le Lapin Blanc in Paris - A magnificent Stay in historic Paris centre

My check in was at 2:00 p.m. and when I first arrived I was awed by the reception team that was so friendly and to my surprise spoke French, Spanish, Japanese, English, and Greek. The team was on call 24/7 during my week’s stay and was there to assist me with my every need. From hailing a taxi to selecting the perfect restaurant to dine at, all the guidance and direction I needed was right there at my fingertips.

They shared with me a brief layout of the hotel along with its many charming activities and tourist attractions. The staff was certain to offer me all the information I needed to make my visit and time spent in this mystical part of Paris not only exciting, but also purely memorable. I quickly realized that discovering and experiencing Paris would be beyond simple and definitely rewarding at the Hotel Le lapin Blanc which is located in the immediate vicinity of the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Sorbonne, and the Luxembourg Gardens. A city so filled with breathtaking sights, magnificent architecture, an array of unique gourmet dining establishments, and intriguing history Paris and this charming hotel were to be my “home away from home” for the next 7 days; and what a home it was.

The Rooms and Accommodations

The Hotel Le Lapin Blanc in Paris - A magnificent Stay in historic Paris centre

Superior nonsmoking rooms with the most playful decor offered me both comfort and confidence from the first moment I walked into the room. The mystical type furniture and the white color schemes with the lightest of pastels blended in were only the beginning of the finest of amenities that I would enjoy for the upcoming week ahead. Equipped with a very large and comfortable King sized bed, a modern flat screened television with international channels, easy dial phones, and an alarm clock with radio, I was confident that everything I needed was all inclusive in my elegant magical room.

It’s pristine bathroom donned with a shower and bathtub, popular toiletries, hairdryer, slippers, and even a comfy bathrobe accommodated all my personal needs and then some. To protect my valuables there was a personal safe with combination lock available that provided me with the assurance that all my precious belongings of value would be safe at all times whether I was present in the room or not.

So, If you have the occasion to travel to Paris whether for business or leisure I would highly recommend that you stay at this truly fairy tale hotel with all its luxury, elegance, and mystery. Immerse yourself in the magic of the Hotel Le Lapin Blanc in Paris while you take in all that this magnificent city has to offer. I spent a full week at this grandiose hotel and will certainly return on my annual visits to Paris for years to come.