I had a great time visiting Morocco, i really enjoyed to go there. However, there are some don’ts you should know about before you go there. So, here are some don’ts of Morocco.
The first don’t i have for you is there are a lot of stunning and beautiful mosques around the country. But, as a tourist, don’t think you go into the mosque. As a matter of fact mosques access is strictly for Muslims. however, there is one very big exception: The Hassan II mosque in Casablanca which is really worth visiting because it is just gorgeous and it is considered one of the biggest mosques around the world.

The second Don’t you should know and it is related to the religion: On Fridays, don’t expect everything to be going all day long, because Friday is the holy day there. So, some places such as shops might be closed or stuff like that. Even though in big cities like Marrakesh and Casablanca, you won’t notice that so much, yet it is one of those you might want to consider.

visiting morocco mosque hassan II

Also, if you do hear the call for prayer, take a pause, don’t try to talk to bargain, or buy things until it finishes. Besides, it is just kind of cool and unique experience to hear the call to prayer. Another tip as to the things you might want to avoid and at the same time know when visiting Morocco is about customs document handling. Don’t expect to get through customs quickly. Look, customs takes a long time when you get to Morocco because they’re gonna actually write a tourist number into your passport that you’re gonna use when
you go to hotels and register and stuff like that. So, it does take some time okay. So, don’t be surprised if it takes you a couple of hours to get through customs. Guys, don’t bring your drones with you! You are not allowed to bring drones in Morocco and fly them around. So, if you have them, you might get them confiscated at the border or at the checkpoints and stuff like that.

In the city, one thing you need to keep in mind is that when you are in Morocco, don’t expect not to haggle and when you are in the Souk or Medina it is all about bargaining! As a matter of fact, People there are not trying to scam or anything like that, it is just how it works. Hence, if you are about to buy something, the first price the seller tells you, try to decrease it by 25 percent up to fifty percent at the most.

visiting morocco fana

Don’t forget as well to bargain with your taxi driver, because you want to negotiate the price before you get in. So, when you go someplace, it is kind of already set. That’s why if you’re going to your hotel, your Riad or some place, asked him first what the price should be approximately. This way, you’d have an idea as to the upper limit you’d be pay.

Try to avoid using your credit card everywhere while visiting morocco even if the stores and shops where you intend to go display signs confirming that they support this kind of payment. Sometimes they just might not like taking that kind of credit card. Hence, having cash would turn out to be a practical idea. Cash is king and definitely queen when it comes to negotiations there in Morocco. Get some bills and coins with you, because you’d need to be tipping people when need be.

visiting morocco landscapes

To sum up, don’t think that visiting Morocco is something you could do in one visit. Morocco is a huge country, there are four region there. you’ve got the plains, you’ve the coast and you have got the desert. I recommend to choose just one or two of the regions and focus on those on your vacation. Otherwise you’ll be spending a ton of time in trains, taxis and stuff like that.

To wrap up, Morocco is a stunning and beautiful country, people are so charming and welcoming. There are a lot of things to visit and see there. One thing of which i am sure is that you will be spoilt for choice.

I really hope you have a wonderful time in Morocco 🙂