The most expensive things don’t necessarily make for the best moments! But you do need to know where to go and how to optimize your money. With these two principles in mind, you can definitely rejoice fun experiences on a budget so long as you know where to look! Via this post, we walk you through the cheapest cities to travel in Europe. The choice is yours!


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Lisbon, Portugal

Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage

Lisbon, Portugal - The Cheapest Cities in Europe
The first city on the list of the cheapest cities to travel in Europe is Lisbon in Portugal. Lisbon is not an expensive capital city when compared to the rest of Western Europe. And those who take the trouble to go to Lison will find a stunning and charming city that is a great bargain as well. What’s so astonishing with the Portuguese city is the fact that a lot of people steers clear of visiting it, but once there they instantaneously fall under its spell and keep going again and again.

  • Currency: euro
  • Transportation: 2.80
  • Meals: 16.80
  • Drinks/Entertainment: 9.00
  • Attractions: 8.00
  • Daily Backpacker Budget: €37.10 = US$40.11/day


Dublin, Ireland

Even a short stay in Dublin is like walking into literary history

Dublin, Ireland - The Cheapest Cities in Europe

Mention the Irish capital to fellow travelers and it will usually cause a twinkle in the eye! Dublin is actually a trendy, charming and quite a cozy destination. it combines centuries of history and literature with a young population and contemporary entertainment. For a long time, The Irish capital has been considered as one of the cheapest cities all over the Europe continent. Hopefully, it will always be accessible for backpackers and budget travelers.

  • Currency: euro
  • Transportation: 3.00
  • Meals: 19.20
  • Drinks/Entertainment: 15.00
  • Attractions: 10.00
  • Daily Backpacker Budget: €47.20= US$51.07/day


Naples, Italy

“Looking for a chaotic and crazy destination?”

Naples, Italy - The Cheapest Cities in Europe
Do you want to explore the south of Rome, still you want to travel cheap? Naples is then your perfect destination. Actually, Naples is considered the cheapest city in Italy, for its affordable hotels and casual dining choices, keep it cheaper than cities located to the north of the country. In addition to being a cheap city, Naples is a gritty, chaotic and crazy destination. It’s also one of the most utterly stunning places in Italy. And anywhere else you will go.



  • Currency: euro
  • Transportation: 2.60
  • Meals: 15.60
  • Drinks/Entertainment: 6.00
  • Attractions: 9.00
  • Daily Backpacker Budget: €37.20 = US$36.40/day


Budapest, Hungary

“Europe’s most underrated big city”

Budapest, Hungary - The Cheapest Cities in Europe
Budapest is unarguably one of the most excellent travel bargains around the Europe continent. The Hungarian capital is quite cheap provided that you avoid the most touristic places along the river. The castles and cathedrals are enough, but there you also get thermal spas that are cheap even if when you travel on a budget. As to housing, hostels are a great value, but there is a bunch of hotels that may look posh and upscale but are actually available at pretty affordable prices. Thus, Budapest has not stolen its reputation as one of the cheapest cities for traveling in Europe 2017.

  • Currency: Hungary Forint
  • Transportation: 700
  • Meals: 3120
  • Drinks/Entertainment: 1050
  • Attractions: 1500
  • Daily Backpacker Budget: HUF6,370 = US$21.90/day



Athens, Greece

“Lovely and not Expensive”

Atheens, Greece - The Cheapest Cities in Europe

Due to the economic difficulties the country has gone through during the last few years, the overall cost of living in Greece has drastically become cheaper. And Athens, the Greek capital does not escape the rule! Thus, Athens, with its utterly fascinating monuments and breathtaking landscapes, sounds like a great bargain for the moment and may get even cheaper!

  • Currency: euro
  • Transportation: 2.80
  • Meals: 19.20
  • Drinks/Entertainment: 7.50
  • Attractions: 8.00
  • Daily Backpacker Budget: €37.50 = US$40.40/day



Dubrovnik, Croatia

“The fascinating Gem in Europe”

Dubrovnik, Croatia - The Cheapest Cities in Europe

Last but not least on our list of the cheapest cities to travel in Europe is Dubrovnik in Croatia. Dubrovnik is another one of those gems I’ve been attempting to visit for a couple of years already, but I have always put off my trip for some reason or another. Dubrovnik has one of the most amazing walled historic centers in the world and is by far the most touristy of the Croatian cities you could visit. it is undoubtedly the most charming.

  • Currency: Croatian kuna
  • Transportation: 24
  • Meals: 16.80
  • Drinks/Entertainment: 40.00
  • Attractions: 20.00
  • Daily Backpacker Budget: HRK350= US$49.80 /day