Summer is here, Affordable Beaches in europe you'll love Luxury Travels Places 

Summer is here, Affordable Beaches in europe you’ll love

The beach is filled with the sun, sand, and warm water, so it is no wonder that many people would love to set their home up steps away from one to affordable beaches. However, living near the beach can be a costly endeavor, which is why most people find themselves traveling great distances to get some time relaxing in the sand. That may all change though since Europe has some amazing affordable beaches in cities that are as cheap as they are spectacular. Here are 3 of the most affordable…

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Things to do for free in Europe Tips 

AMAZING! Things You Can Do for Free in Europe

There is nothing better than getting out into the fresh air and seeing the natural world in all its untamed glory. Best of all, huge swathes of Europe’s beautiful and varied landscape can be stayed in free of charge if you just head on out there and pitch up in the wilderness. One of the top things you can do for free in europe or rather certain parts of europe is wild camping, even though not all countries are as free and easy as others when it comes to just…

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