Cities that pay you to live there! too good to be true? Absolutely not! As a matter of fact, few people know that in the world that we live on there are places that need people to stay afloat. That’s why, for the simple fact of living and working there, you can win quite tempting sums of money!

To get a clearer idea on this topic, we will walk you through the five cities that will make your dreams come true: travel and live while receiving money.


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Utrecht, Netherlands


 Utrecht, Netherlands - Cities That Pay You To Live There
Netherlands is known all over the world for its deep commitment to the humanitarian sciences and social experiences. Here is one of them: The residents of the Dutch city of Utrecht took part in a unique social experiment, in which they received a regular wage for doing absolutely nothing.
The paychecks range from $1300 a month for a single adult to $1880 for a family. Quite interesting as an experiment!


Ponga, Spain


Ponga, Spain - Cities That Pay You To Live There


The second city in our list of the 5 cities that pay you to live there is Ponga in Spain. This attractive and cozy village in the northwest of Spain is one of the most ancient in the country. To attract young people and revive the local economy, the government decided to propose 3,000 euros to all couples who come to settle down there. In addition, there is an allowance of 3,000 euros also for each baby born there. It is a good option to live in an ecological and incredibly nice place.


Alaska, United states


 Alaska, United states - Cities That Pay You To Live There
If you like tough weather conditions such as snow, rain, low temperatures, as well white landscape as stunning quiet of nature, living in Alaska might turn out be a most suitable life choice for you. There is a special government foundation that pays the professionals in this area where the population is in decline. The only condition is to have lived there at least one year.


Saskatchewan, Canada


Saskatchewan, Canada - Cities That Pay You To Live There

Being confronted with the fact that most college graduates are being disinclined to settle down in the Canadian city, Saskatchewan has come up with the following solution: offering tuition reimbursements of up to $20,000 CAD (about $15,956 USD) to recent graduates starting from 2010 or later. 


Curtis, Nebraska


 Curtis, Nebraska - Cities That Pay You To Live There
Last and not least in our selection of the 5 cities that pay you to live there is Curtis. It might seem like a dream or rather a fantasy, nevertheless it’s quite possible in Curtis in Nebraska: You would be able to construct your home of a dream in Curtis without having to pay a single penny on the land itself !. Build a home within a set amount of time as per some definite specifications, and you’ll receive the land free in the town’s Rolling Hills subdivision.