El Oceano Beach Hotel ft

Just like their slogan, “Right by the Ocean… close to perfection”, El Oceano Beach Hotel, Restaurant & Spa is full of luxurious operations. As a guest, you get the best comfort and satisfaction. They give new guests a moment to look around and experience the breeze. It is impressive walking by the beach experiencing the sunny weather during winter and the evening breeze. The hotel is located between Fuengirola and Marbella! You can guess the location is just a few meters away from the famous and rich personality – Puerto Banus. Some people have described the hotel as a jewel, rare of its king and the best services. Here is an analysis of the best features of this “jewel” hotel.


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The Hotel

When I was last there, the hotel had 40 exceptional rooms located right near the Ocean. The rooms offer an amazing chance to view the coastline from inside the rooms or the balcony. And for the self- carter lovers, the hotel has 15 additional beautiful apartments facing south studio. It has unmatchable experience compared to other Beach hotels.

Still on the accommodation, the hotel offers one of the exquisite places to stay in Costal del Sol. These are rooms which are kept new- looking due to their constant renovation. They are decorated and give a perfect Mediterranean Sea view. This happens to be the best place to stay during holidays as you get to spoil yourself with en-suite Jacuzzis inside the rooms.

The Restaurant


El Oceano Beach Restaurant

El Ocean Beach Hotel and Restaurant boasts with one of the finest dining experience in the region. Visitors and guests get to have lunch and dinner served either at the Ocean rooms, at the Verandah or outside just beside the Waterfront Terrace. All these facilities feature first class live music. In the evenings, they serve what they describe a “Famous” Sunday Lunch.


If you are a frequent visitor to any high-class hotel, make an effort to visit El Oceano Beach Hotel and experience unmatched top quality entertainment. They serve their foods alongside top quality entertainment. This is usually an established new act and they are all part of the El Oceano repertoire.

 A Centre of Beauty


El Oceano Beach Beauty Center

This is where guests and visitors get to visit professional beauty therapists, nail technicians, and hairdressers. All of the El Oceano professionals are qualified and it is amazing to see how they easily provide the wonderful luxurious treatments. You get to have a list of menu to choose from at the beauty center; the warm pool water experience, Jacuzzi, swim-spa and the wonderful steam room… it is a real sheer heaven!


El Oceano Beach Spa

A look at the guests’ houses

The rooms drive a good feeling from the moment you open the door. This feeling is enhanced by the climate control in the region around the rooms. You experience the best entertainment right from your room by accessing the Satellite TV services, super high-speed Internet connection and ever- fresh air brought about by the air conditioners I the rooms.

The location of the accommodation houses seems to have been selected thoughtfully. This is because you can easily have a view of the North African Coast and the Pillars of the Hercules. Plus the most immediate natural physical feature is the secluded beach of the Mediterranean.


Get married at El Oceano

El Oceano Beach Weddings

While I was thereI happened to learn that they have wedding services. Imagine they experience the entire environment at the El Oceano, you can imagine that El Oceano Beach Hotel happens to be the perfect place for tying a knot with your loved one. It is more stunning and hard to imagine holding that special day there; each moment is special and to enhance it to extra special, they have one-to-one consultation services.

It just happens that having that special moment by the Ocean makes the place perfect for dreams to come true. I learned that they don’t just hold a wedding event, they have a wedding menu where their world class chefs prepare that wonderful menu and recipe by the Ocean edge; this is a perfect place for those tying knots as their breaths will be taken away by the love and colorful natural atmosphere. On top of the exceptional wedding services, the guests at the wedding occasion get to receive a discount below the standard room rates.

Final word

El Oceano Beach Hotel has all the services you can imagine. It has services for individual, family the special moments in life, like the weddings. Is that not great? Give them a try during the holiday and experience that amazing rare treat of a lifetime.