Your first time traveling alone is always tempting, unique and especially full of anxieties, hesitations, and doubts as to your aptitude to carry out this wholly new experience on your own. I have read a lot of posts from different blogs talking about the preparations and know-how that one should acquire in order to make themselves quite ready for such an amazing and unique experience.



So far so good ! but there was a little point that sparked right off my attention and that almost all the posts have in common: they refer to the precautions to take and obstacles a female traveler may face once she makes up her mind to travel alone! Well, it’s fair enough and pretty understandable to worry about a woman traveling solo and the first thing that ever comes to our mind is: would she be ok alone? would she be resourceful enough to get along and avoid any potential hitches or mishaps? these questions and too many other similar questions are quite legit when it comes to a woman undertaking a solo trip.

However, doubts, worries and even uncertainties might overwhelm as well female travelers as male ones! Through this article, we walk you through the main obstacles that a solo traveler may encounter.



One of the major constraints that pop up once you intend to travel alone is the security factor. Hitchhiking, coming back late at night, following strangers to some places quite unknown to you are a few examples of the hitches that you might face on your trip.

Despite that fact that you try to foresee and avoid these mishaps ahead of time, you might somehow end up bumping into at least one of them. For instance, getting back late at night after having dinner out in a restaurant or celebrating a party. To overcome that, it’s best to take some precautions like choosing an accommodation within or pretty close to the center of the city where you could be safer than any other place like the outskirts of the city you intend to go to.

Hence, even if you decided to stay out late at night you would risk nothing. Another suggestion consists of always taking public transport or taxis to avoid getting in contact with undesirable and especially malevolent persons.

Leaving the Comfort Zone

Obstacles to Face as a Solo Traveler

Almost, every one of us has got this famous “to-do list”: school, studies, setting up the house with someone, buying a car, having a baby etc. But, the question is: Is this really what I want? Sticking to these socially desirable things, not to say socially imposed, would really provide us self-satisfaction and more importantly self-esteem? We talk more and more about the “Comfort Zone“, but what is it exactly? The comfort zone is our cushy small world with its own routines, habits and lazy ways. Thus, undertaking a travel makes us automatically go out of our peaceful bubble and face our own fears and hurdles that we have endeavored to hide probably up to now.

The comfort zone is our cushy small world with its own routines, habits and lazy ways. Thus, undertaking a travel makes us automatically go out of our peaceful bubble and face our own fears and hurdles that we have endeavored to hide probably up to now.

The best sentence that we could quote to let you think seriously about leaving your comfort zone and make up your mind to explore the world as a solo traveler is “Until you are on trip, you won’t understand how resilient and resourceful you are, nor how well you’d respond to the experience of traveling alone“.


Obstacles to Face as a Solo Traveler


As for the accommodation, once you arrive at your destination one of your major concerns as a solo traveler would be to get a nice place to stay over with an affordable price as well. Either way, you’d have plenty of choices: Hotels, Inns, Renting a flat or altogether a house for you alone! During the low season, the prices are pretty good and you could have the best bargains ever. If you have the nature in the blood and equipped with a sleeping bag and a tent why not try to sleep outdoors!

Loneliness and Homesickness

Obstacles to Face as a Solo Traveler


Most solo travelers who have already been on the road to confirm that traveling alone means in no way traveling alone! As a matter of fact, you would be almost all the time accompanied either by the locals or other travelers whether on the train, at the hotel, the inn or even during your treks. So the key thing to sweep away this disagreeable feeling is to try to be sociable enough in your hotel or accommodation and to engage in conversations with as many people as possible around you by talking about various subjects that might interest them. Otherwise, you can still plan to Skype home or to call friends.

Getting Stranded

Obstacles to Face as a Solo Traveler

As a solo traveler, the fact of finding yourself stranded somewhere can be very spooky actually and it’s quite an understandable fear. The key factor to overcome this eventual mishap is to make sure that you have a backup plan, and know what you will do in emergency situations. One of the cautions you could have recourse to is having at hand the contact number for your travel insurance company’s emergency line.