Lisboa has given me the best memories of my life and the major credit goes to the Hotel  Solar dos Mouros where I stayed over a fortnight. It was in last January when I was requested to visit Lisbon, Portugal.

It was an official tour and the stay arrangements were made by my company. I was not really excited about that tour. I could not even imagine that I would have the best time of my life in the hotel Solar dos Mouros.

I reached Lisbon, received by my colleague, and stayed at a hotel arranged by my company. The city looked nice to me and I was looking forward to the work and to return as early as possible. Next day, I went to my workplace and saw the beauty of Lisboa. I enjoyed being out there. The ride on Tram 28 was really fun with beautiful architecture all around. It did not take me much time to realize the glory of this city. I returned back to my hotel where again I felt like in a cage. It was then that I decided to change my hotel at my own expenses.

Hotel Solar Dos Mouros - Lisbon

Next day, I went to my office and asked them to recommend me a hotel. A hotel from where I can enjoy the aesthetics of this city. I wanted to stay at a place with good view of city and river both. They suggested me a few different hotels but they all were in consensus on the hotel Solar dos Mouros Hotel. They also warned me about the room availability as it is the best hotel in the city.

This time I did not want to trouble my co-workers. I searched for their website, noted down their address and left the hotel in the evening. It was really easy to locate the hotel and the directions mentioned on the website were so accurate. I reached the location. The entrance, lobby, walls and everything looked very royal and impressive. The receptionist was very elegant in talking and was very comfortable in English. I told him, my requirements of the room and I was lucky enough to get a room there. It was Deluxe Suite with Terrace and I found it a little expensive.

But I wanted to stay there only. The receptionist understood my confusion and urged me to watch that room once.

Hotel Solar Dos Mouros - Lisbon

I agreed with him, went up and entered the room. Oh My God! That room was the most fabulous thing that I ever saw. The design, the artifacts, the masterpieces, the bed all looked marvelous. Then I was asked to visit the personal terrace. The view of the city and the river was outstanding, something I always dreamt of. The bridge looked extremely amazing from there and thus, I decided to stay in that room only. Now, the price also looked reasonable to me for that asset.

The Hotel Solar dos Mouros in Lisboa gave me the most wonderful evenings of my life. The stay was so pleasant and fulfilling that I called my wife to this city. She felt so happy there. The terrace of my deluxe suite was the place where I celebrated my first marriage anniversary and this could be the best gift for my wife on that auspicious day.

Hotel Solar Dos Mouros - Lisbon