Chocolate is one of the world’s best-adored treats. It is additionally inconceivably flexible, as the various nourishments and drinks that join chocolate appear. There are even celebrations around the globe that praise this delightful treat – with a lot of the well done to head over to fulfill even the most in-your-face chocolate significant others, so we present to you Europe Chocolate events 2017 !!


1. The Chocolate Festival – London – Europe Chocolate events 2017

Where: 52 Upper St, London N1 0QH, UK

When: 13 to 15 October 2017

The Chocolate Festival happens more than 4 areas in the UK, to be specific London, Oxford, Brighton, and Bristol. This celebration will give all chocoholics out there the chance to enjoy an awesome assortment of Craftsman chocolate from the finest chocolatiers everywhere throughout the world! All things chocolate can be found at this celebration, regardless of whether it is hot chocolate, chocolate cake, and even chocolate mixed drinks! You can likewise figure out how to make your own particular chocolate!

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2. Eurochocolate – Italy – Europe Chocolate events 2017

Europe Chocolate events 2017
Eurochocolate event in Italy

Where: Perugia, Italy

When: from 13 to 22 October 2017

Eurochocolate happens in the city of Perugia in October and is one of the greatest chocolate celebrations in Europe. The manifestations of understood nearby and global creators, for example, Perugina and Lindt, include at this celebration. Other than a perpetual stream of chocolate and chocolate enhanced sustenances, another highlight of this celebration is the excellent models made of… chocolate! The sweet fragrance of chocolatey goodness is for sure thick noticeable all around in Perugia amid the celebration!

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3. Le Salon du Chocolat – Paris – Europe Chocolate events 2017

Salon du chocolat - Europe Chocolate events 2017
Salon du Chocolat – Europe Chocolate events 2017

Where: 28 Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle, 75010 Paris, France

When: Starts the October 28th, 2017

Held in Paris more than 5 days in October, Le Salon du Chocolat is a chocolate celebration that consolidates chocolate and design (obviously it does… It’s Paris!) This celebration highlights chocolate from both nearby and universal craftsman and also famous chocolate brands. Participants won’t just get the chance to enjoy a lot of chocolate additionally find out about the universe of chocolate from the producers’ point of view. The chocolate form show is a highlight of this celebration, including outlines that praise chocolate as well as are even made of it! Just at Le Salon du Chocolat can design be this sweet!

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4. Chocolate Festival – Versoix – Europe Chocolate events 2017

When: Every year Avril 3rd.

Where: Salle Communale Versoix

Program: Detailed from the official website.

Le Festival du Chocolat (Festichoc) in Versoix is a yearly chocolate celebration held in the residential area Versoix on Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Around 33 chocolatiers from the Lac Léman district display in the primary tent while visits are conceivable to the Favarger chocolate manufacturing plant. Examining is, for the most part, permitted and keeping in mind that the genuine costs are high, so is the nature of chocolate at a bargain here. Uncommon chocolate workshops for youngsters, shows, and introductions help to make the Versoix Chocolate Festival extremely mainstream with families. Commonplace celebration occasion sustenance and beverages are marked down.

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