Whether you are native to Budapest or visiting this beautiful city, you will definitely want to check out the nightlife. You will have a choice of being able to go to pubs, dance clubs, jazz bars, cocktail bars or casinos. Ruin Pubs are becoming more and more popular with their offering of live music, retro décor, different atmospheres and the fact that they are open quite late. Find below a complete Budapest Nightlife guide including the most popular places to go to once you are in this beautiful city.

Fat Mo’s

First place in our Budapest nightlife Guide is Fat Mo’S. Fat Mo’s is located on Nyary Pal UTC and is extremely busy no matter what day you choose to visit. Fat Mo’s is a nightclub that plays a lot of jazz music. Many nights you will find live entertainment.



The Party Ship

On Friday and Saturday nights, you can take a cruise on the Party Ship. You will cruise for one and a half hour on the Danube and see sights like Parliament, Royal Castle, Chain Bridge and the Citadel. Once you board the ship, you will be given either a shot of Jager or a glass of champagne. You have a choice of purchasing an additional beverage package for the remainder of the cruise. When the cruise is over, you will be taken to A38 to continue partying the night away.


Crazy Café                                    

If anyone in your group loves karaoke, you will want to visit either Crazy Café or Morrison’s 2. Crazy Café is decorated with all types of beer bottles while Morrison’s 2 has multiple dance floors, so you can dance to whatever music you’re in the mood for that night. Hence, Crazy Café is one of the highly recommended places to go to in our Budapest nightlife Guide!



BadGirlz is a unique bar where you can get mixed drinks and listen to music all night long. They have their own variations of drinks and some simple foods are on the menu as well. What makes this place unique is the choreographed flair performance that is done by ten bartender girls on top of the bar.




Trafiq is a combination of a ruin pub and a trendy club. With this combination, it is now the place to go and waiting in line is a given, no matter what day of the week it is. Anyone who has been here raved about how their cocktails are created to be masterpieces. Tariq offers a carefree atmosphere, so everyone can have fun each time they visit.


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Hello Boy 

Our Budapest nightlife Guide includes another pretty charming place: Hello Boy. Hello, Baby is located in a 19th-century palace and there are multiple rooms to enjoy music in. The largest room offers urban electronic music, while a smaller room has soul music. The outside courtyard offers floating bubbles.


Throughout the city, there are quite a lot more places that you can be entertained at. Many of these places are located near each other, so it should be easy to go from one bar to another whenever you would like a change in music. During the summer months, many of the indoor venues are empty, because everyone wants to be outside in the nice weather.  Some of the venues listed above have both indoor and outdoor areas, so if you find a place you love during the summer,  you can still go back and enjoy it later on that year.

Many of the venues throughout the town have a minimum drink purchase per person in addition to an entry fee. Some places will waive this entrance fee if you are there before or after a certain time.

The casinos in Budapest should not be compared to any that you may have visited in Las Vegas. In order to have a decent chance of leaving the casino with a little more money than you entered it with, you will need to visit a casino in a fancy hotel. All of the other casinos are not as nice and you will most likely end up losing more money than you would like.

Anyone who is out on the town for the night should know that bus service is available to get you to where you would like to go. If you do not want to take the bus, you will need to call ahead for a taxi. You should be prepared to negotiate your fare for the ride before you get into the taxi, especially if you manage to get a taxi on the street. Now you are ready for a night out in the city of Budapest. Grab some friends or family members and enjoy the music and the dancing until the early hours of the morning.