Barcelona, Spain

The first destination on our list of the best destinations to travel alone is Barcelona in Spain. As a matter of fact, the Catalan capital combines all the assets to be the ideal destination for a solo traveler aspiring to travel alone especially for a solo woman traveler. Barcelona is the European city that offers everything you could wish for: beach, the sun, lively bars, incredible architecture and beautiful museums. Having the concern of being lonely, you can avoid eating alone in a stuffy restaurant by doing as the Spanish do: grazing on tapas in one of the city’s cool bars.

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Dublin, Ireland

Dublin - The Best Destinations To Travel Alone

Dublin is a historic city where the attractive and cosmopolitan go together in cheerful diversity, and where the pubs and cafes buzz with traditional and contemporary entertainment. If you don’t have your own transport, then it can be tricky to get out to the remote west coast, though some people still opt for hitchhiking.


The Greek Islands

the greek Islands - The Best Destinations To Travel Alone

What images come to mind on the spot while mentioning Greece and its paradisiacal islands? The blue and white houses clinging to the hills that overlook turquoise lagoons, romantic sunsets over the Aegean Sea, mythology or maybe the tasty Mediterranean cuisine. Whatever may be your answer, it’s not easy to choose where to spend your holidays in Greece with more than 5000 islands and islets.

Copenhagen Go Hotel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam - The Best Destinations To Travel Alone

With its world-class art museums and entertainment that’s illegal in most other countries, Amsterdam is the perfect destination for an action-packed retreat for solo travelers. You can meet new people at coffee shops and friendly bars. Safe streets and helpful locals make Amsterdam a smart place to solo vacation.Thus, Amsterdam has not stolen its reputation as one of the best destinations to travel alone.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen - The Best Destinations To Travel Alone

Copenhagen is practically the most charming and the most welcoming city of Northern Europe, filled with cafés, shops and the best restaurants in entire Scandinavia. The Danish city has got plenty of historic monuments represented by its own unique architecture and charming streets, as well as its stunning royal places.


Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik - The Best Destinations To Travel Alone

Last and not least in our selection of the best destinations to travel alone is Dubrovnik in Croatia. Like quite a sounding seashell of life, Dubrovnik lies on the shores of the Adriatic, in Croatia.The Croatian city has plenty to offer the solo traveler. If you intend to visit the city, try to avoid high summer when cruise ships dock and passengers are everywhere into the narrow streets; Thus, we can consider the best times to visit Dubrovnik are the months of April and September when the weather is warm and the coffees and restaurants are open for the season.