how to Save up to 90% with Norwegian Airlines cheap flight

Norwegian Airlines cheap flight 69$  from specific airports. Norwegian Airlines cheap flight flight plans to reduce flying costs, down to 69$ for flights from the US to Europe, which originally cost up to 700$, these claims were publicly alleged from the airline’s CEO, Mr. Bjørn Kjos. •  Norwegian Airlines has been prodding $69 flights to Europe from select spots in the United States for very nearly an entire year now. •  In a current meeting, Norwegian’s CEO neglected it that these flights will occur when June. •  $69 flights to…

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Europe summer festivals, Tickets, Hotels and how to book them

Discover where you need to be to have the Europe summer festivals time trip of a lifetime. The Europe summer festivals are thumping on our entryways and in the event that you have an excursion arranged or you’re contemplating making a very late reserving, then you’ll likewise need to consider adding a couple of celebrations to your travel agenda. These are the best social and music celebrations opening the European summer and we’ve likewise got points of interest on where you can eat up a couple of tickets. Top music…

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where game of thrones season 7 was filmed Places 

Game Of Thrones is here, season 7 filming locations

After the wonderful season 6 two episodes, everywhere kept eyes on the release date of the best show ever aired on human history, Game of Thrones, the tv show that combines patient, love, drama and zombies (death walkers) so we would like to expose the season 7 filming locations. Today the trailer Season 7 of this beloved series was launched, the entire internet community are talking about it, so did we Euro-travels, as a travel blog we would like to have our own touch on the scene, we brought to you…

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Summer is here, Affordable Beaches in europe you'll love Luxury Travels Places 

Summer is here, Affordable Beaches in europe you’ll love

The beach is filled with the sun, sand, and warm water, so it is no wonder that many people would love to set their home up steps away from one to affordable beaches. However, living near the beach can be a costly endeavor, which is why most people find themselves traveling great distances to get some time relaxing in the sand. That may all change though since Europe has some amazing affordable beaches in cities that are as cheap as they are spectacular. Here are 3 of the most affordable…

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Luxury Travels Places 

Cloud9, A Floating Pizza Restaurant You’ll Die To Visit!!

Picture an amazing restaurant. It might be someplace you’ve been, or somewhere you’re dying to go. Think about what makes it so great. Is it the food? The drinks? The location? Now that you’re salivating, we’re here to show you an alternative that will probably blow your favorite restaurant out of the water. Then again, your pick probably wasn’t in the water to begin with, was it? Welcome to Cloud 9, a pizzeria that floats on the beautiful waters of Fiji, over the Ro Ro Reef.   Only accessible by…

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travel hacking Tips 

The Most Useful Guide to Travel Hacking

This may seem like quite a given fact or even a postulate, namely, all people sitting in first class are rich. The truth is, nonetheless, completely the opposite, for three people out of five are not but simply smart! If you would like to set out on a travel on a small budget and exploring new areas of the world ring any bells with you, you are then knocking at the right door! Through this article, we provide you with some pretty useful information as to how you hack your…

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Adventure Travel Places 

Stunning European Places to Go If You Are Broke

Are you young, broke and thirsty for adventure?… this statement describes well and truly a large part of our generation; right? The Wanderlust concept is quite an irresistible desire to travel and discover the world, and seemingly more and more young people manifest this desire. After all, it’s quite normal for most of us want to have crazy experiences and travel around the world. So far so good, however, there may be a little problem preventing us, in a way or another, to fulfill this whim: even if we are…

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The Most Peculiar Islands in The World

How do you imagine the most idyllic place in the world? It could look like an island … an island full of intriguing colors and shapes, bathed in crystal clear waters, with endless white sand beaches and golden sunsets. But what are the most unusual islands? Difficult to answer, pretty difficult indeed! We will nonetheless try to answer this question by exploring through this article the most peculiar islands in the world.                                  Check Out: 10…

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