Now that people are traveling to foreign countries more often, they need to be aware of the necessity of applying for Visas when they are visiting certain countries. Travelers from certain countries can enter many other countries using only their passport as long as they plan on leaving within ninety days. The passport must be valid for at least ninety days after a person’s departure from the visiting country, although many governments suggest that people have a passport that is valid for at least six months from their departure date. It is necessary to have at least two or three blank pages in a passport book for arrival and departure stamps and a new book should be ordered if a person does not have enough. Even though a Visa is not required for some stays, if a person’s connecting flight is in a country that requires a Visa, that person may need a transit Visa to continue their journey, this is how to apply for a visa.

Here are 8 countries and how people need to apply for a visa for each one:

apply for a visa

Apply for a visa to Switzerland

A valid passport is the only requirement for many people visiting Switzerland, but anyone who is staying in the country longer than ninety days or is arriving from a country where a Visa is required will need to fill out the Visa application and submit it to the Swiss Embassy. This application must be submitted with two photos, a passport, previous Visas, travel medical insurance, cover letter stating the purpose of their visit, flight itinerary, proof of accommodations, proof of civil status, and proof of financial abilities. There are three different Swiss Visas, including visit, study, and work, and people will want to fill out the proper one.

Apply for a visa to France

Anyone who finds that they need a Visa to visit France will need to apply at their local French Consulate and not the French Embassy before they depart on their journey. There are different requirements for the application and those requirements depend on whether a person is visiting, studying, or working while in France. However, the general requirements include a completed Visa application form, two photos, a passport, copies of previous Visas, travel insurance, cover letter stating the reason for the visit, flight reservations, proof of accommodation, proof of civil status, and proof of financial stability.

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Apply for a visa to Germany

When a person applies for a Visa in Germany, they are guaranteeing that they can stay in that country for up to ninety days. During this time though, they are not allowed to work even if they are freelancing. There are different Visas available and people will need to follow the directions for the Visa that pertains to their circumstances. In order for the Visa application to be approved, the form needs to be sent in with a valid passport, two photos, proof of accommodations, return trip ticket, itinerary information, and a bank statement. Travel health insurance must also be proven before the Visa will be approved. If a person has never applied for a Visa in Germany before, they will need to hand this information in in person at the Embassy instead of through the mail.


Apply for a visa

Apply for a visa to Hungary

The Visa application process for Hungary is quite similar to the countries above as everyone needs to fill out the application and submit it with a copy of their passport, two photos, travel insurance, flight reservations, travel insurance, hotel reservations, financial records, and proof of civil status. Again, there are different forms for people to fill out as to whether they are working, studying, or visiting the country. It is also a good idea for travelers to include a cover letter which states why they would like to enter the country as well as any other pertinent information that the country may think is important. Get very cheap travel in this Hungarian cities.

Apply for a visa to Spain

Spain only requires travelers to have Visas if they are from certain countries, are staying in the country for more than ninety days, or are in the country for something more complex than basic business meetings. If a person needs to apply for a Visa in order to travel to Spain, they will need to fill out the application and submit it with their valid passport, proof of travel arrangements, travel insurance information, and proof of sufficient funds.

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Apply for a visa to Italy

Anyone that is required to get a Visa to travel to Italy will need a valid passport to submit along with their application and a recent color photo. Everyone who applies must have proof that they have sufficient funds to stay in the country for any length of time as well as proof of employment and that they are on an approved vacation. Health insurance for abroad is also necessary as is lodging while in Italy. All these items must be sent with an additional copy of each one to the nearest Italian Consulate. If a person does need to obtain a Visa, they will need to register with the Police Department within eight days of their arrival in Italy to receive a Declaration of Stay for Foreigners.

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Apply for a visa to the United Kingdom

People from certain countries need to obtain a Visa in order to travel to the United Kingdom even if their stay is short. The application can be filled out online, but everyone needs to fill it out in English, and at the time people fill out the application, they will need to state why they are visiting the country. Even if a person fills out the information online, they will still need to make an appointment at a Visa application center for the final approval.

Apply for a visa

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Apply and obtain a Visa for the United States

Any foreign citizen must apply for a Visa prior to their entry in the United States and they can apply for a business Visa, tourism and visiting Visa, or a combination of both. The application can be filled out online and this is when everyone needs to upload a photo of themselves as well. The next step is to schedule an interview at either the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. People should bring their current passport, their application, and an additional copy of their photo to their meeting. They may also need to bring documentation of their finances, travel reservations, and the reason for their trip. During the interview process, everyone has their fingerprints taken.

Visa requirements differ from country to country and it can be confusing for a person to know whether they need one or not. Anyone that is not sure, should contact their Embassy or the Embassy of the country they wish to visit in order to determine the steps they need to take prior to their trip.