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While organizing a sudden or planned road trip, either for a weekend with friends or a romantic getaway, we rarely think of renting a car. However, it may be much cheaper and offer more freedom than being dependent on local transport or a dad’s or mom’s car. Find out through this article quite an amazing bunch of tips and tricks to arrange a gorgeous skiing trip starting from Paris along with the price that it will cost you.

How much will the trip cost?

Here are calculations for a weekend ski holiday for the next February.

– A two-week holiday in February
– 4 people (Or two couples)
– Two drivers to rotate.

Palais de l'Isle - A Skiing Trip

Palais de l’Isle – © Kosala Bandara (Flickr CC)

1- Renting a Car

Renting rates in agencies are roughly equivalent. For my part, I opted for ADA, which proposes an offer rental car for 18-25-year-olds: from 49€ per day for a commercial vehicle or a passenger vehicle, from 125€ for a weekend (3 days rental), and finally, the formula which interests me: 359€ for a Fiat 500 (4 places) for 14 days, 2500 km included.

At that price add:
– Deductible reduced insurance (3.40€ per day): 478.60€
This franchise allows paying less in the accident – something that can happen quite easily on snowy roads …
– Additional Driver: 25€

TOTAL: 503.60€

If you have more than 25 years, here are the prices for conventional vehicles of 4/5 places, 1400 km included:
– Renault Twingo (Super Eco offers): 418€
– Opel Corsa (Small Premium): 491€

Skiing Trip - Paris

2- Where to go?

For my part, I opted for Annecy, a region that I know well and I’m very much in love. But by hiring a car, we can imagine many other destinations from Paris. Knowing that so we included 2500 km (or 1400 km for those over 25 years), here are some destinations that might interest you from Paris. Distance is one-way.

500 km:

Paris – Amsterdam
Paris – La Rochelle
Paris – Strasbourg
Paris – London

600 km:

Paris – Annecy
Paris – Brest
Paris – Bordeaux

700 km:

Paris – Toulouse
Paris – Wales

800 km:

Paris – Marseille
Paris – Biarritz
Paris – Munich

If you feel like wanting to spend the night in a hotel, well you have knocked on the right door! Paris is actually worldwide known for its wonderful hotels combining as well top quality services at affordable prices. Hôtel Corona Rodier, L’Ouset Hôtel, and Hôtel du Triangle D’or are a little sample of what hotels in Paris look like and what kind of services they may offer you.

3-  Fuel and tolls

To calculate the cost of the trip (gasoline and tolls), just enter your itinerary on the website Via Michelin.

For Annecy-Paris route, that we take, for the shortest route:
– 6-hour drive
– 568 km
– Tolls: € 50.90
– Fuel: € 65.21
– Total = € 116.11 one way

TOTAL = € 232.22

Lake Annecy - A Skiing Trip

Lake Annecy – © Jean Balczesak (Flickr CC)

5- Accommodations

Price of a whole cottage on Air BnB: 65€ per night for 4 people

Total: 845€ for 13 nights

6- Food and beverage

From experience, it worth about 10€/day per person, all-inclusive. This price also includes extras, alcohol, and dinner at the restaurant.

Total: 560€

7- Ski Budget

Even if one prefers walks, treks, hikes, we will still want to ski a little! Counting on the presence of ski equipment in the chalet that will rent.

Ski pass prices Manigod (5 consecutive days): 91.60€

Total: 366.40€

8- The Final Bill

Car hire: 503.60€
Fuel / tools: 232.22€
Journeys short: 182€
Accommodation: 845€
Food: 560€
Ski: 366.40€

TOTAL: 2,689.22€

Or 672€ per person!

For 917.82€ in total cost, which may seem high. But without a car, it’s difficult to access to ski resorts around, it’s also complicated for shopping unless you hire a full-time taxi. That would be another weekend in cocooning fashion – a prospect equally nice but different.

Always the possibility to borrow the car of a relative for two weeks, if you want to save € 125 per person – roughly the amount that you would have to shell out for a high-speed train.

-10% sur votre réservation avec le promocode: WBACK