It would be great if Valentine’s Day came with a fast-forward button! Does this quote ring any bells with you? Well, it should! Valentine’s Day is around the corner. So if you have been planning on getting away with your partner to celebrate this romantic event, there will need to go to the other end of the world! As a matter of fact, In Europe alone, There are so many breathtaking places to make 14th February/Sunday a truly memorable day. Through this article, we walk you through the top 9 amazing escapades in Europe to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You will definitely be spoilt for choice!


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1- Paris, France

“Looking for Hidden Romantic Spots in Paris”?

Paris, France - Destinations in Europe To Celebrate Valentine's Day

For the time being, I can’t imagine a more romantic city for spending Valentine’s Day than Paris. So celebrating Valentine’s Day in Paris is simply the perfect choice. Pont des Arts, Musée de Montmartre and place Dauphine, to name a few, are some of the most hidden romantic spots in Paris that will definitely get you overwhelmed by the armor.

Where to Stay

Get away with your special one and experience some of Paris most romantic hotels on Valentine’s Day. DU TRIANGLE D OR hotel will undoubtedly be a perfect choice.


2- Venice, Italy

“A Walk over The Ponte dei Sospiri ?”

Venice, Italy - Destinations in Europe To Celebrate Valentine's Day

Venice is simply a little piece of paradise for lovers from all over the world who want to spend a romantic weekend in Italy. So if you have decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day and impress your beloved one, Venice is then your perfect destination.

What to do on Valentine’s Day

The Bridge of sighs or “The Ponte dei Sospiri” is one of the most stunning sights in Venice. Walking over the Bridge of Sighs hand-in-hand with your loved one will be one of your most life-time pleasurable experiences.


3- Sintra, Portugal

” A Taste of Portuguese Cuisine ?”

Sintra - Portugal - Destinations in Europe To Celebrate Valentine's Day

It’s pretty difficult to visit the charming city of Sintra in Portugal and don’t fall under its spell. In fact, Sintra is literally one of the most romantic cities in the world. Its nature is quite splendid and seems to create magical decorations and offers beautiful vistas. In addition to this stunning nature, Sintra has a mixture of styles reflecting the mix of influences from the Portuguese colonies: Brazil, India, China, and Morocco.

Where to Eat on Valentine’s Day

with dozens of upscale restaurants and cafes around this wondrous little city, Restaurant Pendoa with its friendly local service and authentic atmosphere could be a perfect pick.


4- Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Love for something makes a man blind and deaf !”

Amsterdam, netherlands - Destinations in Europe To Celebrate Valentine's Day

Such a powerful Dutch proverb shows that the country and especially the Dutch capital is imbued with romance and love. Valentine’s Day in the Netherlands was celebrated as a day of friendship, where special people used to exchange flowers for expressing their thanks and respects for exceptional activities.

Where to Get Flowers

It’s pretty easy to buy roses almost anywhere in the town. But for something mega special and unique, head for the wonderful designer florist Gerda’s Bolen.


5- Prague, the Czech Republic

“The Best Architectural City”

prague - Destinations in Europe To Celebrate Valentine's Day
Prague welcomes every year many lovers coming from all over the world to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This city with its exceptional architectural heritage is classed by Unesco as a world Heritage site. Thus, Prague has not stolen its reputation as one of  the most stunning escapades in Europe to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Where to Eat on Valentine’s Day

Suprise and please your beloved by inviting them to some posh and cozy restaurant in Prague. For this reason, We highly recommend Restaurant Agave.



6- Budapest, Hungary     “Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Limited Budget!”

Budapest, Hungary - Destinations in Europe To Celebrate Valentine's Day

Budapest is the perfect direction in Europe to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a limited budget, for it’s is one of the cheapest capitals in Europe to visit. For a Valentine’s Day in Budapest, do not forget to take your swimsuit with you, because with the thermal public baths you will inevitably spend a few hours lounging and messaging in these beautiful spots.

Wine Testing

A wine tasting in a medieval stone cellar in Buda Castle is a tempting program to enjoy on Valentine’s Day with your loved one. You can choose up to 6 wine tasting menus from the most famous regions of Hungary.


7- Barcelona, Spain  

Barcelona, Spain - Destinations in Europe To Celebrate Valentine's Day

Barcelona comes in the sixth position on our list of the 9 stunning escapades in Europe to celebrate Valentine’s Day. As a matter of fact, Barcelona is well known for its splendid architecture, charming beaches, and delicious food. Whether you are searching for a romantic getaway in a quiet and pleasant area of Barcelona or just looking for an exotic place to spend the weekend of the Valentine’s Day, the Catalan capital is unarguably your ideal spot.

Where to Go on Valentine’s Day

In the first few months of the year, Barcelona is host to DE CAJON FLAMENCO FESTIVAL. This particular festival is a sensation and a must see when you’re in Barcelona to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


8- Copenhagen, Denmark     “Valentine’s Day under the Snow”

Copenhagen- Denamark - Destinations in Europe To Celebrate Valentine's Day

Do you Want to spend Valentine’s Day under the snow? Copenhagen is then your ideal destination. Copenhagen is a beautiful city with less than 2 hours by plane from Paris. The Danish city will seduce you with its colorful houses, canals and its stunning atmosphere.

What to do on Valentine’s Day

One of the most indispensable romantic activities to do with your beloved once in Copenhagen is the must see and must do romantic castle excursion.


9- Santorini, Greece

Santorini - Destinations in Europe To Celebrate Valentine's Day
Last and not least spot on our list of the most stunning escapades in Europe to celebrate Valentine’s Day is Santorini.  Santorini is one of the most splendid places all over the Europe continent to be with the special someone. The Island is beautiful and is accessible to small budgets. Besides, Santorini locals are known for being welcoming and most friendly.

Where to Bunk

Do you want to treat your special someone to a romantic break to remember? Opt for the world class Santorini Hotel.