The Cheapest Flights Possible


Hunting tickets to Europe are like a nightmare because of its price. If you really want to make a journey, you have to work around this. One of the most expensive item in your journey items is flights ticket. Through this post, we share with you some expert tips as to how you can Get The Cheapest Flights Possible.


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1. In order to be the first to know if there are air promos, follow all accounts airlines that fly to Europe. You can subscribe to their newsletters.

2. Buy tickets ahead of time. This method is one of the common tricks used to do and it proved its sufficiency. According to the Airlines Reporting Corporation, 17 weeks prior to departure is a great time book tickets at low prices. Because that’s when the airline lowers the price of the ticket.


The Cheapest Flights Possible


3. If you’re traveling domestically, it’s best to book between four and 12 weeks in advance. 

4. If you don’t have a set date in mind, try searching for the cheapest months to fly.

5. Use some agent. For searching cheap flights via Internet, we rely on the website Skyscanner. To know each itinerary, just click the Select button. The face-site will appear for the airport transfers, waiting time and the duration of the flight. We can also filter and search transit number and duration of flight. If you have another agent, you can use them. But the main ‘toy’ is a mobile app that installed Skyscanner on the phone. This app is cool because it can save cost option that we seek and we can peep-peep price movements, up or down.


The Cheapest Flights Possible


6. Ticket price depends on the flight date. In high season, holiday season congregation as June-July school holidays, year-end holidays (December-January) and Easter holidays (early April), the ticket price is more expensive than other months. If you want cheap tickets, go in low season months: February, May, and November. If we subscribe to newsletter airline, they usually offer promo tickets using the price in US dollars (USD).

7. Use Social Media. If you are already subscribed to email, do not forget to follow airline accounts. Because there are some promotions that are often ongoing. Thus, you’d better be on the lookout for that!


The Cheapest Flights Possible


8. Flexible in time. If time is not a problem for you, choose flexible time schedule. Especially if you’re looking for in the flight search sites. Because at some sites provide the lowest price on specific dates and hours. That way, you can choose the date and time that you wanted to go on vacation.

9. Last and not least in our list of the expert tips for booking the cheapest flights possible is the Round-trip ticket. Round trip ticket is cheaper. Though not always, sometimes round-trip ticket is cheaper than a one-way ticket. To get cheap tickets we could buy an airline ticket to go from A, then return ticket from a different airline. In this way, we become more flexible in traveling.

So, there are some expert tips for booking the cheapest flights possible. Safe flight, fellas!!