8 Useful Travel Websites to Save You Money


If you are planning a vacation abroad, it is wise to check out reviews about the place before spending a fortune on it. Internet provides the perfect solution to this problem. There are so many useful travel websites to save you money and from which you can  get access to the necessary information.


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TripAdvisor.com: It is an extremely popular travel website. When you type your destination there, lodging and hotel options will be suggested. It includes reviews of professionals and amateurs.

Triptease.com: You can get access to itineraries provided by users. The site has a built-in search which aids in browsing through your dream destinations. Photos and typography are also included in the reviews. The good news for Ipad users is that there is an app available for the site too.

Kayak.com: It displays the cheapest airfare available. If you are flexible about your travel dates and destination you are sure to grab awesome deals. You can search even 3 days before your travel date. A search tool is provided to browse about any place in the world. The interesting part is you can search either by flight fare or based on what kind of activities you plan on doing for your vacation or what kind of weather you prefer.

Rome2rio.com: It organizes transport information. It helps in local and long distance travel planning. Your entire travel time is taken into consideration. Regardless of whether you are going to travel by flight, train, boat before purchasing the ticks just feed in your home postal code and your destination in this site. It will show your the estimated time to reach there along with routes and transportation methods.

HomeExchange.com: House-swapping program enables to switch places with other travelers. You can stay for free. If you pay for an annual membership you can do any number of swaps a year. The homes are available in US, Australia, France, Canada, Britain and Italy.

Hostelz.com: In the event of traveling alone or with your friend, you can save money by staying in a hostel rather than in a hotel. Few hostels provide hotel-like accommodations. Information about hostels all over the world are provided.

CruiseCompete.com: About 300 travel agents are available. Once you enter your email address, they offer the ships and ports you specify at affordable prices. There are persons to help you throughout the process by live chats.

Last and not least in our list of the 8 useful travel websites to save you money is the website Seat61.com

Seat61.com: It is very easy to find alternate transportation using this. If you give information about your current location and the next destination, the different modes of transport and routes available will be displayed.