Don’t you agree that hiking is one of the most relaxing activities? The 7 dreamy Swiss hikes are the answer to your question then. In this article, we will take you through the top 7 Swiss hikes.

Hiking in Switzerland is one of those unforgettable experience one could have in their lives.  It is the wonderful scenery that makes it so special and utterly stunning. You can be sure that Swiss Alps will leave a great impression on you as you will discover these mountain ranges in detail.

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Murrgsee - Dreamy Swiss Hikes
Swiss hikes are filled with magic and truly enchanting. One particular route where you can experience that is Murrgsee, one of the greatest tour in Swiss Alps. What splendid adventure it could be you can only know by trying it. The round route is about 14km and it takes about 4-5 hours. You may have to climb for a while at first but don’t worry, the rest of the journey will be quite easy. Along the way, you will hike through gorgeous hills and beautiful waterfalls. You won’t help from letting your imagination run wild.


Stoos - Dreamy Swiss Hikes


Stoos occupies the second place in the list of the most dreamy swiss hikes Stoos. We highly recommend this site as it offers stunning views from the top of the nearby lakes and mountain peaks. Depending on your preference and your experience, you can choose an easy way to hike in Stoos or a more challenging alpine hiking. But we assure you, both ways are satisfying and will have an everlasting impact on you. It is surrounded by lakes and hiking could be in a difficult or easier version. Hiking Switzerland and Stoos will get you familiar with swiss flowers and almost 10 lakes. The climax of the hike would definitely be reaching the mountain peak Fronalpstock and having a lunch break at the Gipfelrestaurant. The view is simply breathtaking!



Pizol - Dreamy Swiss Hikes

Another great route for hiking is Pizol. This dreamy region near Bad Ragaz in Kanton St. Gallen offers one of the best hikes in Switzerland. It’s famous five -crystal clear- lakes’ walk is open only a few months during the summertime and definitely needs to be included in your to-do list. The experience you’ll get from this route is actually quite unique. The 5-lakes walk actually begins in Wangs near Bad Ragaz. From there you go up in the cable-car to Furt and then on two chairlifts up to the Pizol mountain hut. The Wangers marks the start of the hike. The rest you’ll have to see for yourself! Thus, Pizol has not stolen its reputation as one of the most dreamy swiss hikes.



Flumserberg - Dreamy Swiss Hikes

Flumserberg is a great route for longer day walks as you will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature amid stunning winter scenery and breathtaking views of Spitzmeilen, the Churfirsten mountains, and Lake Walen. We also recommend you to take a break in one of its the traditional alpine restaurants or warm mountain guest houses.

Where to stay

While you are setting out on your “Hike journey”, you may want to talk a little break and change the whole scenery. Two birds with one stone! Thus, you can walk around the vicinity and even consider staying over for one or a couple of nights in Zurich which is roughly 1 h away by car. By Fassbind and Wellenberg are a tiny sample of what hotels in Zurich look like and what kind of services they may offer you.



Pilatus - Dreamy Swiss Hikes

Pilatus is located near Luzern and offers a stunning view over the spectacular Lake Vierwaldstattersee. The top of Pilatus culminates at 2132 m and is easy to reach by public transport, which makes it quite a popular alpine hiking destination. here are two ways to reach the top of Mt. Pilatus: cable car and cog wheel train. They both go to the same place, but they start from different sides of the mountain.



Urnerboden - Dreamy Swiss Hikes

Urnerboden is another great Swiss hiking spot. It is quite the ideal route for mountain walk lovers. It’s wide open landscape also makes it an ideal route for mountain biking cross-country skiing, ice-climbing, ski touring, dog-sled rides. A particular high trail connecting the Urnerboden with the Braunwald plateau offers a wonderful view of the Tödi and Clariden peaks.



Rigi - Dreamy Swiss Hikes

Last and not least in our list of the 7 dreamy swiss hikes is Rigi. Rigi is definitely one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Luzern area. This route offers a wonderful view over Vierwaldstättersee. From Chänzeli you can actually feel suspended right above Lake Luzern, and once you reach the summit of Kulm you’re rewarded with a complete panorama including the Zugersee and Säntis.