So many people come to me and tell me they want to travel but they can’t afford it then I check their Instagram and see they’re eating steak dinner and just got the new iPhone! Traveling can really be cheap if you prioritize your expenses. saving money on flights, accommodations and food are essential for cheap travel which when you think about it these are the things you’ll will remember the least about your trip you will remember
experiences which are usually free. I just spent six weeks in Europe and finished my quest to visit all 45 countries on the continent.

In this article, i will share with you my best money-saving tips for how to  spend less than thirty dollars a day in Europe. Stay tuned!


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1- Get a Eurail Pass:

Train travel is the best and easiest way to travel around Europe and nothing is better than the unlimited Eurail pass for one price it acts as an all-in-one ticket with unlimited rides in their  network. It’s first-class, it is really easy and convenient to get around most of the trains have Wi-Fi onboard, you can get a drink you can get a snack you wake up in the next country and life is good.


Budget Tips to Travel Europe on $30 a Day

2- Carry an empty water bottle:

One of the best tricks I know is to always carry around an empty water bottle and fill it up in sinks and public fountains. This will save you from spending 3 euros or more for water bottle which adds up to 400 euros a month if you drink as much water as I do.

3- Buy an unlimited metro pass:

The very first thing you should do as soon as you arrive in any city is  purchase a three or seven-day unlimited public transportation pass. All big cities have them and they will save you loads of money on metros and buses as opposed to buying individual tickets.

4- Hop on the flicks bus:

If you prefer overnight buses to get from city to city, then the flicks bus is your best option. Clean spacious and modern buses that take you all over the continent for cheap. I went from Stuttgart to Dresden overnight for 20 euros.

Budget Tips to Travel Europe

5- Avoid taxis:

This could be deemed as the most useful trick in our 7 budget tips to travel Europe on $30/Day. Uber is actually a lifesaver on the road, not every country has it but if they do it’s in your absolute best interest to use it whenever possible. Taking an Uber here is the best way to get around. Regular taxis will rip you off and the drivers are usually unfriendly and sketchy. I’ve taken Ubers in more than 50 countries  and never had a bad experience.

6- Avoid hotels:

Look into using hostels and couch-surfing to sleep. Hotels are expensive and must be avoided to stay on a budget. Every city in Europe has hostels where you can share a room with other travelers.  they can be as cheap as 3 dollars a night which I once did in Kiev Ukraine. Couch-surfing where you can sleep at locals houses is a 100% free and you can make new friends on the way. I’ve done it about 15 times and always felt safe and comfortable, if you do end up booking a hotel, make sure it’s out of the city center or else you’ll be paying double or triple the price.

7- Utilize your free walking tours:

The last tip in our 7 budget tips to travel Europe on $30/Day is having recourse to free walking tours. Walking is my favorite way to experience a city when I first arrive. It’s the best way to take in all the sights at a leisure pace. Luckily in Europe, most big cities offer free walking tours where a guide will take a group to the best places in the city. It’s completely free, but if your tour guide did a good job and he or she will gladly accept tips. If you follow these 7 simple steps then you’ll be on your way to experiencing more of Europe for less.