These are five stunning attractions you should not miss whenever you happen to visit Europe. A number of cities are good for travel and leisure because they are home to the best museums, recreation facilities, night life, shops, restaurants, amazing architectures, landscapes, magnificent bridges, majestic rivers, gentle beaches among others.Through this article, we walk you through the 5 Surreal Places and Attractions in Europe.

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PORTO, Portugal

Foz do Douro Porto

To begin with, the town of Porto can be a very good starting point for a tour. It was voted as one of the best European destinations in the year 2014. In this victorious city, you will learn much about the amazing history of the city, the culture of the people, trade, gastronomy, and for your leisure visit the gentle beaches of Foz do Dthe Douro You can take a stroll along the famous river of gold – river Douro.


ROME, Italy


Rome is another city you should not miss to visit. This city of seven hills has got a lot to offer. For history lovers, there is much to learn dating to those periods of Julius Caesar, Hadrian, and Octavian. One can also visit the famous Vatican Museums. Most people who visit Rome come to the same conclusion that there is something just magical about it.

Surreal Places and Attractions in Europe

PARIS, France


You don’t have to discard  the city of lights  (Paris) from your plans or else you won’t be able to see the Eiffel Tower monument and also the Arc de Triomphe. There are awesome places like museums, centuries old churches, monuments, rivers that you can visit. You will enjoy the best food there in Paris as you try to unravel this city’s ambiance.



ZAGREB, Croatia


Zagreb city will offer you much more of what you will not find in other cities. It has been branded as a safe romantic city. Here, you will be able to visit a lot of theater and live music events. There are many art exhibitions that you can spend time visiting. You can enjoy a pleasant walk if not visiting sporting events or the various museums in it. Hence, Zagreb is well and truly worth being part of this awesome selection of the 5 surreal places and attractions in Europe.


VIENNA, Austria

Zagreb Beach

To cap it all, if you want to enjoy a good night life, then you must visit Vienna. There is much dancing and partying that you will wish you stayed there forever.