Do you intend to get away for the new year’s eve night? Does celebrating this night and make it immortal ring any bells with you? Are you planning on celebrating it with family and friends or do you prefer to travel alone?

Best places to spend the new year's eve



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Well, whichever may be your motivation, you have knocked on the right door! As a matter of fact, there’s a plenty of top destinations all over the world with numerous special customs and festivities that can provide you one of the most stunning experiences that you could ever have during your whole lifetime. 

Via this infographic, we take you through the 5 best places in Europe to spend the new year’s Eve night and propose as well some of the main events that take place in each of

These 5 places during this long-awaited night.



Best places to spend the new's year eve

Where to stay :

You might want to stay only for one night or for a couple of nights “two birds with one stone” ! either way, you need somewhere to sleep over. For this purpose, we have selected for you a small list of hotels proposing awesome services along with pretty affordable prices.

Amsterdam   N°377 House, The Quentin Hotel

Zurich   By Fassbind

Rome    Hotel ArenulaAlbergo del Senato

London  London ELIZABETH

Paris  Hôtel du Triangle d’Or