Visiting Amsterdam is quite a big program even though the city is not that large. As a matter of fact, Amsterdam is a metropolitan city that embraces a lot of ethnic groups and necessarily diverse cultures.

Its small streets ideal to ride a bike confer upon it a special charm and give to its visitor the feeling like they are quite at home. Once you arrive in Amsterdam, numerous activities can be planned and carried out by you. There are actually way too many activities to do that you would definitely be spoilt for choice!

Amsterdam - 10 photos to inspire you to visite Amsterdam



Renting a bike and wandering around the city while being with your partner,going shopping at Cuypmart “an incredible market where you can find anything you are looking for”, or altogether taking a walk along the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat’s street and arouse your artistic curiosity by visiting all the small art galleries are just a few examples of various and diverse things you can undertake once you make up your mind to visit this beautiful city. Through this article, we have minutisouly selected 10 photos that will inspire you to visit Amsterdam.


Arty Jordaan- Amsterdam

Amsterdam - 10 photos to inspire you to visite Amsterdam

Van Goghs Museum - Amsterdam

The EYE across the IJ - Amsterdam


 windmill - Amsterdam


The Anne Frank House - Amsterdam




Where to stay :

Amsterdam is worldwide known for its wonderful hotels with pretty affordable prices, once there you will surely be spoilt for choice as to the one to opt for!